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Anthropologie Partners With Influencers To Launch Clothing Line For Disabled Community


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Anthropologie is set to launch its first adaptive apparel collection, comprising eight of its existing bestsellers reworked to cater to the lives and needs of members of the disabled community. This significant move in adaptive fashion stems from the URBN Adapt Employee Resource Group, dedicated to promoting accessibility and inclusivity across the company’s portfolio of brands, including Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People, and Nuuly.

The initiative by Anthropologie reflects the growing momentum of adaptive fashion, as highlighted by the emergence of new collections from various brands, including Universal Standard and JCPenney. Notably, Tommy Hilfiger has been a pioneer in this space, driven in part by Hilfiger’s personal connection as a parent of a disabled child. With approximately one billion people, or 15% of the world’s population, experiencing some form of disability, the demand for inclusive and adaptive fashion solutions is increasingly gaining traction.

To develop the adaptive clothing for disabled individuals, Anthropologie collaborated with Lucy Jones, founder and CEO of FFORA, a fashion lifestyle brand catering primarily to people with disabilities. The brand also engaged three members of the disability community to fit-test the garments, ensuring that the collection effectively meets their practical and comfort requirements. Additionally, influencers Allison Lang, Maya Moore, April Lockhart, and Bri Scalesse were enlisted as models and ambassadors, actively contributing to the development and promotion of the collection.

The adaptive collection encompasses Anthropologie’s best-selling items, including the Colette cropped wide-leg pants by Maeve and the Somerset Dress by Maeve: Mini Edition. Notably, the Colette pant was adapted to meet the differing needs of those who stand and those who use wheelchairs, reflecting the brand’s commitment to inclusivity and versatility. Anthropologie’s online platform will offer shoppers the option to choose between “Standard,” “Petite,” “Plus,” and “Adaptive” fits for available styles, ensuring a seamless and inclusive shopping experience based on community feedback.

The influencers involved in the collection photoshoot at Anthropologie’s Philadelphia headquarters will share their participation in the collection’s development on their social platforms, allowing for authentic and transparent communication about the brand’s inclusive initiatives. Anthropologie’s commitment to accessibility and inclusivity aligns with the broader objective of making its products more accessible to a wider audience, reflecting a win-win approach that aims to promote greater inclusivity and diversity.

The forthcoming launch of Anthropologie’s adaptive collection follows the brand’s impressive performance, as evidenced by its double-digit year-over-year revenue growth and a significant increase in new and active customers. With plans to expand its footprint by opening 13 new stores, including a new location in NYC’s Soho, Anthropologie’s proactive steps in embracing adaptive fashion align with its commitment to catering to a diverse and inclusive customer base. The brand’s strategic focus on accessibility and inclusivity not only reflects its responsiveness to evolving consumer needs but also underscores its dedication to fostering a welcoming and inclusive shopping experience for all individuals.

Anthropologie’s foray into adaptive fashion, facilitated by collaboration with influencers and the wider disability community, sets a notable precedent for other fashion brands to prioritize inclusivity and accessibility in their product offerings. By engaging directly with individuals with disabilities and leveraging the insights of influencers, Anthropologie has demonstrated a thoughtful and inclusive approach to product development, reflecting a broader industry shift towards embracing diversity and catering to the needs of all consumers. This move is also aligned with Anthropologie’s disability policy, which emphasizes creating accessible and inclusive environments across all aspects of the brand.

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