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Aperol Spritz Makeup TikTok Trend Was Started By This A-List Star


image ofHailey Bieber

A new TikTok trend dubbed “Aperol Spritz makeup” has taken social media by storm as summer approaches. Creators on the platform are showcasing their interpretations of this vibrant and summery look, inspired by the popular cocktail and the current TikTok trends right now.

The trend appears to have emerged from various influences, including products like Too Faced’s peach and apricot-colored eyeshadow palettes and Pantene’s embrace of peach tones for 2024. Hailey Bieber may have also contributed to its rise after mentioning her product Rhode Pocket Blush was intended to evoke thoughts of an Aperol Spritz. This connection to Hailey Bieber Makeup has further fueled the trend’s popularity.

Aperol Spritz makeup typically features shades of orange reminiscent of the cocktail’s Aperol component, complemented by golden shimmer to mimic the drink’s bubbly prosecco. Makeup artist Leah Louise explained that achieving the look involves deep orange tones and gold shimmer for a sparkling effect. Other creators have expanded on the theme by incorporating sunset-inspired hues like reds and pinks into their eye makeup.

For a complete Aperol Spritz makeup look, enthusiasts are adding bronzer, nude overlined lipsticks, coral blushes, and eyeliner to enhance the summery vibe. The finished result aims to be tangy and glowy, perfect for signaling a transition to warmer weather and a relaxed summer aesthetic.

This trend follows a pattern where consumable items influence cosmetics, similar to last year’s viral Strawberry Girl makeup. It remains to be seen how long Aperol Spritz makeup will dominate the beauty scene, making now the ideal time to experiment with this refreshing and seasonal look if you’re so inclined. And for those who want to fully embrace the theme, pairing the look with a classic Aperol Spritz recipe could make for a perfectly coordinated summer evening.

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