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Bobby Lee Apologizes For Sexual Harassment Claims On George Janko’s Podcast


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Comedian Bobby Lee has publicly apologized to YouTube star George Janko following allegations of sexual harassment during a 2022 episode of the podcast Impaulsive. Janko, a former host of the show, discussed the incident during a May 10, 2024, episode of his own podcast, The George Janko Show, with co-host Mike Majlak.

The controversy began when Janko abruptly walked off the Impaulsive set during an episode featuring Bobby Lee. Janko accused Lee of repeatedly touching his groin area during the recording, which made him uncomfortable. The incident led to significant tension and fallout among the show’s hosts.

Lee appeared on The George Janko Show on May 30, 2024, to address the allegations and apologize directly to Janko. During the episode, Lee expressed regret for his actions, attributing his behavior to nerves and a lack of familiarity with the Impaulsive team.

“I usually do podcasts in my ecosystem. I know the rhythms, I know what I can and can’t say. But with you guys, I didn’t know and also it’s a huge platform. So I was super nervous. I tend to get bully-ish out of survival,” Lee explained.

He continued, “When you walked off the set, I was confused by it. I don’t know the drama behind the podcast. I don’t remember trying to touch you but if I did that, I’m sorry. I do it for comedy reasons. I really, truly apologize. I love people, I love podcasting, and I think that you’re a voice that people talk about now. You’re here. I just apologize.”

Janko responded by expressing his frustrations with how his friends handled the situation, stating that they failed to support him during a difficult time. Despite the past issues, Janko emphasized that he remains a fan of Lee.

“They saw that I was going through things and they stepped on me when I was down. It just felt like I was in a place where the people around me wanted to succeed,” Janko said. “I apologize that you were caught into this drama, but I want to let you know that before, after, and during… I’m a fan of you, dude.”

The two reconciled during the podcast, with Lee inviting Janko to open for him at an upcoming comedy show. “We have to do this. I’ll fly you out, I’ll pay you way more than I usually would a feature. We should try a weekend,” Lee offered.

Janko and Logan Paul, a co-host of Impaulsive, have had a tumultuous relationship since Janko departed from the show. However, Janko revealed on May 9, 2024, that he hopes to mend his relationship with Paul.

For more on this story, check out George Janko’s YouTube channel, where you can find episodes of the George Janko podcast and stay updated with his latest content.

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