Brands Tap Athletes, Influencers To Kick Off Olympics 2024 Campaigns



With the Olympic Games set to begin in Paris in late July 2024, major brands like Powerade, Reese’s, and Old El Paso are ramping up their marketing efforts and influencer marketing strategy through strategic influencer partnerships with Olympians and Paralympians. Despite the International Olympic Committee’s strict advertising regulations, these companies are finding innovative ways to engage global audiences by collaborating with athletes who offer substantial organic reach on social media platforms.

Samsung has initiated an early campaign by sponsoring Skateboarding UK to capitalize on the popularity of skateboarding, a relatively new addition to the Olympics 2024 lineup. They specifically spotlight Olympics 2024 athletes like British skateboarder Sky Brown to leverage her appeal and following.

Meanwhile, Powerade has enlisted a diverse group of athletes, including Chilean para-swimmer Alberto Abarza, French cyclist Mathilde Gros, and U.S. gymnast Simone Biles, creating its largest-ever Olympic campaign roster. These athletes are set to promote Powerade through traditional media, Olympics 2024 commercials and their personal social media accounts, which boast significant followings.

Reese’s is adopting a dual strategy by showcasing both established stars like soccer player Alex Morgan and swimmer Jessica Long, and rising talents Sophia Smith and Haven Shepherd. This approach supports their new product, Reese’s Medals, a limited edition treat available during the Olympic period. The campaign will transition from celebrity-led TV spots to athlete-focused promotions as the games approach.

Old El Paso is taking a different angle by associating their brand with the concept of family and teamwork, reflecting British athletes’ home lives and training routines such as swimmer Tom Dean and cyclist Bethany Shriever in their advertising.

These strategies underscore the complex navigation required under IOC’s Rule 40, which restricts athlete endorsements during the Games. Brands and their athlete partners are carefully timing their social media activities to avoid conflicts with training and competition schedules while maximizing the visibility and engagement of their campaigns.

As the Olympic Games are near, these marketing efforts are not just about promoting products but also about building narratives that resonate with viewers worldwide, turning athletes into influencers and their sporting journeys into compelling content for global audiences.

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