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Brat Summer Meaning: What Is The Green TikTok Trend All About?


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The summer of 2024 has heralded a new TikTok sensation inspired by Charli XCX’s latest album, ‘Brat,’ released on June 7. This trend, known as ‘Brat Summer,’ encapsulates a carefree and rebellious spirit that has quickly captured the imagination of TikTok users worldwide.

Charli XCX herself has described ‘Brat Summer’ as embodying a certain trashy chic vibe, mentioning essentials like a pack of cigarettes, a Bic lighter, and a strappy white top sans bra. This aesthetic celebrates boldness and unapologetic individuality, resonating deeply with fans who are eager to embrace a distinctive summer style.

Central to the ‘Brat Summer’ trend is the color lime green, drawing direct inspiration from the album’s cover art. TikTokers have enthusiastically incorporated this vibrant hue into their outfits, makeup choices, and even hair color transformations. The trend’s visual impact is evident in viral videos where users showcase their lime green transformations, such as dyeing their hair or creating standout makeup looks.

The trend isn’t just about appearances; it includes a range of activities that embody the ‘Brat Summer’ ethos. From sleeping in makeup to wearing sunglasses indoors and fully embracing the rebellious charm of lime green accessories, TikTok users are fully embracing the lifestyle associated with this trend.

On TikTok, the ‘Brat Summer’ hashtag has become a hub for creativity and community, much like past viral sensations such as Hailey Bieber’s ‘strawberry girl’ makeup trend from the previous summer. Users are not only sharing their interpretations of ‘Brat Summer’ through fashion and beauty content but also through dance videos and humorous skits that celebrate the trend’s carefree attitude.

Charli XCX’s influence on TikTok has amplified the trend’s reach, showcasing how music and style converge on social media to create cultural phenomena. As the summer progresses, ‘Brat Summer’ promises to remain a defining trend of 2024, encouraging users to embrace bold aesthetics and express their individuality with confidence and flair.

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