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‘Chipotle Phone Method’ TikTok Trend Goes Viral But Resto Says ‘No Changes’ In Food Portioning


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The “Chipotle phone method” has taken TikTok by storm, sparking a viral trend among users of the popular social media platform. The trend involves customers filming Chipotle employees as they prepare their orders, with the hope of receiving more generous portions of toppings. Despite the widespread popularity of this TikTok trend, Chipotle has firmly stated that there will be no changes in their food portioning practices.

In a recent interview with CNBC’s Jim Cramer, Chipotle CEO Brian Niccol addressed the controversy surrounding the Chipotle phone method. Niccol expressed his dismay over the tactic, describing it as “kind of crazy” and “a little rude” to the company’s team members. He emphasized that Chipotle employees are dedicated to providing a great experience for customers and that filming them while they work undermines this effort.

“The whole thing is kind of crazy to me,” Niccol said. “It actually, kind of, really bums me out when people, frankly, do this videoing thing… It’s a little rude to our team members, and, you know, our team members, their desire is to give our customer a great experience.”

Niccol reassured customers that Chipotle is committed to meeting their needs, whether they prefer extra-large meals or dishes that cater to specific dietary preferences such as vegetarian or keto. However, he was clear in stating that Chipotle would not be adopting an all-you-can-eat model. “We’re not going all you can eat, we are going great ingredients, great culinary, great bowls,” he said.

Beyond addressing the TikTok Chipotle bowl hack, Niccol also discussed significant developments for the company, including Chipotle’s first-ever stock split. Announced in March, the 50-for-1 split aims to make shares more accessible to employees and increase liquidity for investors. With each share currently valued at $3,072.85, the split is expected to take effect in June.

Niccol highlighted the positive impact this move has had on Chipotle employees, noting that long-term staff members have been able to make significant purchases, such as buying homes, thanks to their investments in the company’s stock. “There’s a lot more excitement when you can buy a whole share or get a couple shares,” Niccol said. “It’s great to see, because some folks… that have owned our stock and have been a manager for, you know, many years, they’re cashing it in to buy homes.”

As TikTok trends 2024 continue to influence consumer behavior and brand interactions, Chipotle remains focused on maintaining its standards of quality and customer satisfaction. While the Chipotle phone rule may have garnered attention online, the company’s commitment to providing great culinary experiences remains unchanged.

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