Contiki Kicks Off Travel Influencer Marketing Campaign ‘Switch On Social Travel’


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In a groundbreaking move, Contiki, a leader in social travel, has teamed up with We Are Social Australia to launch the “Switch On Social Travel” campaign. This travel influencer marketing initiative challenges the norm by encouraging travel influencers to disconnect from social media and immerse themselves fully in their travel experiences.

The influencer marketing strategy saw Contiki taking 17 influencers from the United States and Australia, with a combined following of 20 million, on a journey through Portugal and Spain. Breaking away from the usual travel influencer content, the initiative aimed at fostering more profound connections with cultures, people, and experiences without the constant distraction of social media.

Throughout the trip, the travel influencers were asked to completely unplug from their social platforms, allowing them to engage more profoundly with their surroundings and each other. This led to more meaningful interactions and a rediscovery of the joy found in real-world experiences instead of those curated for online consumption.

Melissa DaSilva, North American president of Contiki, explained that the campaign aims to evolve how travel is experienced by encouraging genuine interaction with the world. “This initiative isn’t just about stepping away from social media; it’s about enhancing the essence of travel—making real connections, exploring new cultures, and creating lasting memories without the digital interference,” DaSilva stated.

The participants documented their experiences through photos and videos, producing over 30,000 images and 40 hours of footage. This content was later transformed into a mix of vlogs and professionally edited films, showcasing the genuine joy of immersive travel. These were shared on various digital platforms, including Instagram Reels, YouTube, and TikTok, providing a peek into the authentic experiences of the influencers during their unplugged journey.

Upon their return to the digital world, the influencers shared insights from their experiences offline, engaging with their followers in a more enriched and meaningful dialogue.

Ben Clare, executive creative director at We Are Social, commented on the unique approach, “This campaign challenges the influencers in a way that reduces their online presence, emphasizing that travel is much more rewarding when you are fully present at the moment. It’s a powerful message for the younger generations who often need to capture perfect social media posts at the expense of enjoying the experience.”

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