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DJ Drama, Druski Comment On Sexyy Red ‘Getting Robbed’ At BET Awards 2024


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At the 2024 BET Awards, the upset of Tyla winning over Sexyy Red sparked significant online buzz and discussions among fans. According to Druski and DJ Drama, who spoke to TMZ Hip Hop at LAX the day after the event, the outcome was contentious but ultimately highlighted the diversity and strength of talent in the music industry.

Both personalities, who attended the awards, acknowledged the widespread sentiment that Sexyy Red was a strong contender for Best New Artist of the year. Druski and DJ Drama agreed that Sexyy Red’s “Rich Baby Daddy” raps had resonated deeply with BET’s audience, making her a fan favorite. Despite this, they also recognized Tyla’s global appeal and the influence of her Afrobeats style, which contributed to her win.

Druski commended both artists for their talents and expressed respect for their contributions to music. Beyond the awards, he addressed personal topics such as his recent weight loss, clarifying that it was achieved through natural means despite rumors suggesting otherwise.

DJ Drama echoed Druski’s sentiments, emphasizing that both Sexyy Red and Tyla bring unique strengths to the table, catering to different audiences with their distinct musical styles. He praised Tyla for her international acclaim and highlighted Sexyy Red’s ability to connect deeply with BET’s core demographic through her authentic lyrics.

The online reaction to Tyla’s win was mixed, with some fans disappointed by the outcome while others celebrated her achievement. Social media platforms buzzed with debates and discussions, reflecting the passionate fanbases of both artists.

Amidst the controversy, Druski also confirmed his recent breakup with Rubi Rose, signaling a new chapter in his personal life and potentially opening doors to new romantic possibilities in the summer ahead.

Overall, while opinions varied on the BET Awards results, Druski and DJ Drama emphasized that the real winners of the night were the fans, who enjoyed a showcase of exceptional talent and entertainment.

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