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Dr Disrespect Kick Deal: Why The Streamer Rejected A $10 Million Contract?


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Dr Disrespect, the renowned YouTube streamer, disclosed on a recent YouTube stream that he turned down a staggering $10 million per year offer from the streaming platform Kick. Speculation about Dr Disrespect joining Kick had been rife since the platform snagged Twitch’s top talents, including xQc and Amouranth, in 2023.

In response to xQc’s $100 million deal, Dr Disrespect had previously stated that he would consider joining Kick for $50 million. However, negotiations between his team and Kick fell through as they couldn’t reach an agreement.

During his May 29 stream, Dr Disrespect revealed that Kick had made a generous offer of $10 million per year, without any gambling obligations. Despite acknowledging the offer and expressing gratitude, Dr Disrespect remained steadfast in his demand for $50 million, asserting that he wouldn’t settle for less.

He emphasized his loyalty to YouTube, citing his strong community, established presence, and impressive viewership numbers as reasons to stay. Dr Disrespect also highlighted his ongoing projects, including his gaming studio and the upcoming release of his Black Steel Bourbon, as additional factors influencing his decision to stay on YouTube.

Dr Disrespect’s kick deal was a hot topic among his fans and the wider streaming community. The proposed Dr Disrespect kick streaming arrangement would have placed him alongside other high-profile streamers on the platform, potentially reshaping the competitive landscape of online content creation. Kick’s Head of Strategic Partnerships, Andrew Santamaria, previously commented that Dr Disrespect’s $50 million contract demand was unrealistic, suggesting that his joining the platform for its V2.0 launch was unlikely.

Despite Dr Disrespect’s openness to the possibility of joining Kick under the right conditions, it appears that Kick is not willing to meet his demands. As a result, Dr Disrespect and his loyal followers, known as the Champion’s Club, will remain on YouTube for the foreseeable future.

Dr Disrespect’s decision to turn down the lucrative offer from Kick underscores his commitment to his community and the belief in his own brand value. With a thriving presence on YouTube and various entrepreneurial ventures in the pipeline, Dr Disrespect appears confident in his position and unwilling to compromise his terms for anything less than what he deems appropriate.

While Kick may have courted some of Twitch’s biggest names, Dr Disrespect’s refusal to budge from his demands sends a clear message about his priorities and the importance of maintaining his autonomy in the streaming world.

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