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Elections 2024: Immigrant Social Media Star Launches Campaign For Miami-Dade Mayor


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CBS News Miami’s Jim DeFede devoted an entire half-hour to social media influencer Alex Otaola, who is running for mayor in the Miami Dade Elections 2024. Otaola, 45, arrived in the United States over 20 years ago and has since built a significant media presence. He hosts a Spanish-language show on YouTube with nearly 700,000 subscribers. While he may not be widely known to all, he is a key figure for politicians seeking the Cuban vote, who have been courting him for years.

During the program, Otaola, who understands English but prefers to speak in Spanish, was accompanied by a translator. He and DeFede discussed his reasons for running and why he believes voters should elect him in the upcoming Miami Dade mayor election. Otaola highlighted his commitment to the community and his vision for the future of Miami-Dade County.

The interview also touched on some of the more controversial aspects of Otaola’s candidacy. Despite these controversies, Otaola remains a significant figure in the political landscape, especially among Cuban voters.

Otaola’s media empire and influence have made him a notable candidate, and his campaign is closely watched by both supporters and critics. As the race for Miami Dade mayor heats up, Otaola’s unique position as a social media influencer turned political candidate continues to draw attention.

Otaola’s candidacy represents a shift in political dynamics, where social media influencers leverage their platforms to enter traditional political arenas. His campaign strategy heavily relies on his vast online following, using his YouTube channel and other social media platforms to engage with potential voters directly. This approach allows him to bypass traditional media channels and speak directly to his audience, a tactic that has proven effective in building a dedicated base of support.

Despite his popularity, Otaola faces significant challenges. Critics question his political experience and ability to govern effectively. His outspoken nature and controversial opinions have also polarized public opinion. During the interview, DeFede did not shy away from these issues, pressing Otaola on his qualifications and how he plans to address the complex issues facing Miami-Dade County. Otaola responded confidently, emphasizing his deep connection with the community and his commitment to bringing a fresh perspective to local government. As the election approaches, it remains to be seen how Otaola’s unconventional campaign will fare against more traditional Miami Dade mayor candidates.

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