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Erika Kullberg Reveals Her YouTube Earnings Over 5 Years


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Erika Kullberg, an attorney and personal finance expert with over 21 million followers on social media, has gained widespread recognition for her insights into the earnings potential of various platforms. With a presence on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, Kullberg has shared detailed information about her income from these platforms, showcasing the diverse avenues of monetization available to content creators.

According to Eirka Kullberg, YouTube earnings stand out as the highest paying platform for her. With over two million subscribers and videos amassing 273 million views, she revealed that YouTube has been the most lucrative. For instance, a 48-second video garnered $106.85, while a 12-minute video generated a substantial $45,000, primarily from watch page ads. Over the past five years, Erika Kullberg’s earnings from YouTube have amounted to more than $353,000 before taxes, excluding brand sponsorships. This significant income illustrates the powerful earning potential of YouTube for content creators who can amass a large following.

In contrast, Erika Kullberg’s TikTok earnings are notably lower despite her substantial presence on the platform. With 9.2 million followers and 542 million views, her TikTok earnings total $5,756 since she started two years ago. This disparity highlights the different monetization strategies and revenue potentials between platforms.

Facebook has proven to be more profitable for Kullberg than TikTok, paying her nearly four times more. Over approximately two years, she has earned $20,251 from Facebook, showcasing the platform’s potential for content creators who know how to leverage their following.

Despite her substantial following of 5.3 million on Instagram, Erika Kullberg’s earnings from Instagram have been nonexistent, as the platform does not directly compensate creators anymore. This emphasizes the importance of diversifying income streams across multiple platforms to maximize earning potential.

Erika Kullberg’s net worth is bolstered by her strategic use of social media platforms, repurposing content across TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram, and Facebook to maximize her earnings. Her journey to becoming monetized on YouTube, which took approximately three months of consistent posting, underscores the appeal of social media influencing. With Gen Z and adults across all age groups expressing interest in influencer careers, Kullberg’s success story highlights the promise of fame and fortune that comes with strategic content creation and platform utilization.

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