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Eugene Is Leaving Try Guys; Group Launches 2ndTry TV With New Cast Members


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The Try Guys, known for their daring antics and comedic content, are undergoing another transformation as they bid farewell to Eugene Lee Yang, one of their founding members. In an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone, Keith Habersberger and Zach Kornfeld reveal that Yang will be departing from the group to pursue new creative ventures. This marks a significant shift for the Try Guys, who have become a staple in online entertainment since their inception.

Eugene Lee Yang leaving Try Guys is a poignant moment for fans and the group alike. Yang has been a crucial part of the team, contributing his unique flair and perspective to their diverse range of content. His departure is seen as a bittersweet moment, filled with both nostalgia and anticipation for what lies ahead. While fans will undoubtedly miss his presence, they are also eager to see what new projects he will embark upon.

This announcement comes amidst the group’s plans to expand into 2ndTry TV, a subscription-based model aimed at offering fans more exclusive content while granting the Try Guys greater freedom in content creation. This move reflects a strategic shift towards more personalized and in-depth interactions with their audience. 2ndTry TV represents not just a new platform, but a new philosophy for the Try Guys, one that prioritizes creative autonomy and deeper fan engagement.

In their interview, Habersberger and Kornfeld express excitement for both Yang’s future endeavors and the opportunities ahead for themselves and their audience. They reflect on the journey of the Try Guys, from their beginnings as BuzzFeed employees to their evolution into prominent YouTube personalities and entrepreneurs. This transition from a quartet to a trio, and now to a duo, signifies another phase in their creative evolution. Despite the changes, Habersberger and Kornfeld remain determined to push boundaries in the creator economy and redefine success on their own terms.

Their decision to embrace a subscription-based model through 2ndTry TV reflects a desire to prioritize creative autonomy and cater to their audience’s preferences while also acknowledging the challenges associated with such a transition. They emphasize their commitment to providing value to their fans and ensuring that the transition is as seamless as possible. This model allows them to explore content that might not fit within the traditional YouTube framework, offering a more intimate and varied viewing experience.

Looking ahead, Habersberger and Kornfeld are optimistic about the future of the Try Guys and the impact they can continue to make in the realm of online content creation. They remain steadfast in their dedication to entertaining and engaging their audience while staying true to their vision and values. The departure of Eugene Lee Yang from Try Guys marks the end of an era, but also the beginning of a new, exciting journey for both Yang and the remaining Try Guys cast.

As they embark on this new chapter, Habersberger and Kornfeld are focused on creating content that resonates with their audience and propels the Try Guys to even greater heights. Despite past challenges and controversies, they are determined to keep pushing the boundaries and delivering content that brings joy and entertainment to their fans. The Try Guys’ ability to adapt and evolve is a testament to their resilience and creative spirit. Their journey continues, filled with promise and the unyielding support of their loyal fanbase.

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