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Ex-CIA Officer Goes Viral On TikTok For Revealing Work Secrets She Kept From Husband


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Brittany Butler, a former CIA targeting officer, has gained viral attention on TikTok for revealing details about her dating experiences while working in Washington. In a video that has garnered over 560,000 views, Butler discussed the strict protocols she adhered to regarding her romantic relationships during her eight-year tenure at the CIA. This captivating story is one of the top TikTok trends now, with many users discussing it under hashtags like “Cia TikTok” and “Viral Cia TikTok.”

Butler disclosed that she had two serious boyfriends during her time at the agency. She explained that when she dated a Mexican American Harvard Law student, she was required to report the relationship to the CIA due to its policy on recurring contact with foreign nationals. This involved providing her boyfriend’s personal details and background information to her employer. This insight into her personal life and professional obligations has made Butler’s story a TikTok trending topic today.

Regarding what she could share about her job, Butler told Fox News Digital that she often downplayed her role, describing herself as a “government consultant” to avoid probing questions from partners in Washington’s defense and government circles.

Butler eventually met her husband while working at the CIA and began dating him cautiously, initially withholding details about her workplace. She maintained strict confidentiality about her operational activities, citing the clandestine nature of her work.

Her career at the CIA included assignments in high-stress environments like Baghdad, where she served in the Iraq division of the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center. After leaving the CIA in 2014 to focus on her growing family, Butler has become an author and advocate, aiming to dispel misconceptions about women in intelligence.

Butler’s story has sparked interest and discussions about privacy and relationships within government agencies, highlighting the challenges of maintaining personal privacy and professional responsibilities in sensitive roles. Fox News Digital reached out to the CIA for comment on Butler’s revelations.

Today, Brittany Butler resides in the South as a mother of three children, balancing her roles as a parent and writer while reflecting on her impactful career in intelligence.

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