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Gay Tucker Carlson Lookalike Goes Viral On TikTok: ‘This Is Frigging Hilarious’


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A woman has gone viral on TikTok after a viewer pointed out her striking resemblance to a teenage version of former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson. The woman’s name is unknown, but her video has been widely shared on social media, particularly on X, by user Dr. Jebra Faushay.

In the TikTok video, the woman starts by saying, “Being a well-established gay, I never imagined myself on this side of TikTok that thinks I look like Tucker Carlson, but here we are.” She admits she is not familiar with Carlson and decides to Google him to see if the resemblance is true. Upon seeing photos of Carlson, she appears puzzled and questions the comparison.

Despite her confusion, viewers quickly flooded the comments on the viral video, noting the similarities between her and Carlson, including their brown curly hair and facial features. One user commented, “This is frigging hilarious. She legit looks like him,” while another added, “When the multiverse collides.” A third person noted, “Even the chins are identical. I thought at least she would have the sense to admit. She looks a lot like him. Dye her hair brown and she’s got a second gig.”

Tucker Carlson, a former Fox News anchor and political commentator, worked for the network from 2009 until his contract was terminated in 2023. His departure followed the leak of private messages in which he used vulgar language to criticize the network’s management, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. Now, he has continued his presence in media with his own show on Twitter, titled “Tucker Carlson Twitter.”

This incident is not the first time a celebrity doppelganger has gone viral. In 2023, fans were shocked to see what appeared to be YouTube star MrBeast flying economy on a plane. However, it was soon revealed to be a man who looked strikingly similar to MrBeast.

Currently, this Tucker Carlson lookalike is one of the hottest TikTok trends right now, capturing the fascination of viewers and sparking widespread amusement. The video is part of a larger pattern of TikTok trending content where ordinary individuals gain sudden fame due to their uncanny resemblances to well-known personalities.

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