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‘God’s Influencer’: First Millennial Saint Carlo Acutis May Be Canonized By 2025


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Pope Francis has recognized a second miracle attributed to Italian teenager Carlo Acutis, paving the way for him to become the first saint of the millennial generation. Known as “God’s influencer,” Acutis used his computer skills to promote the Catholic faith before his death from leukemia in 2006 at age 15. This recognition of a second miracle is a significant milestone, allowing for his canonization, and making Carlo Acutis a saint.

Acutis was born in London in 1991 and raised in Milan, where he managed his parish’s website and later assisted a Vatican-based academy. From a young age, he showed a remarkable aptitude for technology, which he combined with his deep faith to create an influential online presence. His website, which cataloged Eucharistic miracles from around the world, remains a testament to his dedication and innovative approach to faith. This initiative not only demonstrated his technical skills but also his commitment to making religious knowledge accessible to a broader audience.

Pope Francis decided to attribute the second miracle during a meeting with Cardinal Marcello Semeraro, head of the Vatican’s saint-making department, according to a statement released on Thursday. Carlo Acutis was beatified in 2020 following the recognition of his first miracle. The details of the second miracle have not been disclosed, but its recognition is a crucial step toward his canonization. The Vatican has not yet announced when the canonization will take place, but this development has been eagerly awaited by many.

The Catholic Church teaches that miracles are acts of God, with saints interceding on behalf of those who pray to them. Miracles typically involve the medically inexplicable healing of individuals. The first miracle attributed to Carlo Acutis involved the healing of a Brazilian boy suffering from a rare congenital disease after prayers were offered to Acutis.

Acutis’ beatification and impending sainthood have inspired many young Catholics around the world. As the millennial saint Carlo Acutis, his use of modern technology to spread his faith resonates deeply with today’s digital-savvy youth. His legacy continues to encourage young believers to utilize their skills and platforms for positive and spiritual purposes, bridging the gap between faith and technology. His life exemplifies how traditional religious messages can find new life and relevance in the contemporary world.

Carlo Acutis gained recognition for his significant role in evangelizing through the internet. His efforts in managing the Carlo Acutis website and his commitment to documenting Eucharistic miracles have made a lasting impact. His website remains a resource for many, showcasing his vision of making faith accessible and engaging through digital means.

Named a patron of World Youth Day in Lisbon last year, Carlo Acutis’ influence and importance to the younger generation of Catholics are profound. His story has been a source of inspiration for many, demonstrating that sainthood is not reserved for the distant past but is achievable in the modern age. Carlo’s journey to sainthood underscores the potential of the digital age to foster and spread spiritual values.

The recognition of Carlo Acutis as a saint will not only celebrate his life and contributions but also highlight the significant role of modern technology in promoting spiritual values. As the first millennial saint, Carlo Acutis will symbolize the intersection of faith and technology, showing how digital tools can be used to enhance and spread religious teachings. His life and work continue to inspire young people around the world, encouraging them to see their digital skills as a means to serve and uplift their faith communities.

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