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Havas Red Philippines Launches Influencer Marketing Agency, SWAY


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Havas Red Philippines has taken a significant step forward in influencer marketing by launching its latest venture, SWAY. This new arm is dedicated to diving deep into the intricate world of influencers and their subcultures, marking a transformative approach to modern marketing strategies.

SWAY by Havas Red is set to revolutionize the influencer marketing landscape by moving away from traditional metrics-focused methods. Rather than solely emphasizing follower count, reach, impressions, likes, and engagements, SWAY prioritizes genuine connections within smaller, well-defined niche communities. These communities, representing various subcultures, are integral to contemporary marketing, fostering authentic engagement and brand loyalty.

According to Havas Red Philippines, the essence of SWAY lies in its commitment to targeted, relevant communication that resonates deeply within specific communities. This strategy is a marked departure from conventional methods that relied heavily on broad-based celebrity endorsements. Instead, SWAY leverages the influence of focused collectives to create meaningful and impactful marketing campaigns.

Jos Ortega, CEO of Havas Ortega and General Manager of Havas Red Philippines, emphasized the transformative nature of this approach. “Subculture-focused influencer marketing represents a significant shift in marketing. Previously reliant on traditional paid celebrity endorsements, we now harness the power of focused collectives,” said Ortega. “Influencers have become trusted leaders and catalysts for change. By curating collaborative campaigns that align with their core values and those of the subcultures they influence, we foster deeper engagement and brand loyalty, all while respecting the unique interests of these passionate communities.”

This innovative strategy is further highlighted by Dayniel Garcia, Head of SWAY by Havas Red Philippines. Garcia pointed out the critical role of understanding the cultural context in influencer marketing. “We are redefining influencer marketing in the Philippines,” Garcia noted. “The emergence of subcultures signaled the need to analyze and further explore the cultural context. Fortunately, we have proprietary strategic and measurement tools that inspire fresh approaches that deliver results.”

As an influencer marketing agency, SWAY aims to set new benchmarks in the industry. By focusing on the unique characteristics and interests of subcultures, the agency seeks to create campaigns that not only engage but also build lasting relationships between brands and their target audiences.

In summary, the launch of SWAY by Havas Red Philippines signals a significant evolution in the field of influencer marketing. By embracing subcultures and prioritizing authentic connections, this new influencer marketing company is poised to deliver innovative and effective marketing solutions that resonate with contemporary audiences.

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