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Influencer Breaks Up With Girlfriend Over TXT’s Yeonjun


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Online influencer and fashion brand CEO Cho Young Min, known as @thug_min, recently drew significant attention on social media after sharing details about his breakup with his ex-girlfriend. The reason for their split, revealed in an Instagram story, was a message she sent professing love for TXT’s Yeonjun, shedding light on an unexpected intersection between celebrity fandom and personal relationships.

Cho Young Min posted a conversation with his ex-girlfriend, who had sent a video of Yeonjun with the message, “Yeonjun, I love you.” He explained, “I’m a pure guy. I don’t need a girl who says ‘I love you’ so easily to other guys. I want to do only sincere love, someone I can put my all into,” highlighting his values and expectations in a relationship.

In a series of messages on KakaoTalk, his ex-girlfriend apologized, acknowledging she had been wrong. “I will make sure this will never happen again. I will be careful even in other chat rooms or places where you aren’t there,” she wrote, demonstrating remorse for her actions. Despite her apologies, Cho Young Min decided to end the relationship, prioritizing his own emotional well-being and standards for commitment.

His ex-girlfriend later confirmed the breakup on her Instagram, expressing her confusion over the reason. “We indeed broke up because of TXT’s Yeonjun. My ex was not happy. Although I didn’t understand it, I tried to respect it since he was someone I loved,” she said, reflecting on the complexities of romantic relationships and the unexpected influence of celebrity admiration.

Cho Young Min posted a follow-up to clarify. “The reason for breaking up is simple. She sent the message of ‘Yeonjun, I love you’ while we were dating. It seems like she was supposed to send it to her friends (instead of me),” he explained, providing insight into the misunderstanding that led to their separation.

He expressed frustration over the situation, questioning the compatibility of their values and communication styles. “Although I want to respect her, it just doesn’t make sense to me personally with my views, and so I broke up with her,” he stated, asserting his boundaries and emotional needs within a relationship.

The story elicited varied reactions from netizens, highlighting the diverse perspectives on love, jealousy, and celebrity culture. Some found it amusing that Cho Young Min was jealous of a K-pop idol, while others empathized with his feelings of betrayal and insecurity. Comments ranged from humorous observations to deeper reflections on the complexities of modern relationships and the influence of social media on personal interactions.

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