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Influencer Contacted By 5,000 Men After Posting Boyfriend Application Online


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In a bold move to find love, Vera Dijkmans, a Dutch influencer with 5.5 million Instagram followers, posted a 15-question boyfriend application online. Her unconventional approach attracted over 5,000 responses from hopeful men, eager to capture her heart.

The 15-question quiz, often called the online boyfriend quiz, aimed to filter out applicants based on their lifestyles, values, and commitment levels. Questions ranged from whether they still lived with their parents to their opinion on hitting on her friends. Despite the vast number of applications, Dijkmans remains single after going on dates with the top three candidates selected through the quiz.

Speaking to Ladbible, Dijkmans said, “I went on a date with them – but I’m currently still single. Despite this disappointing result, I still consider the experiment a success since I was able to be upfront about what I want and see which men fit that criteria.”

The influencer shared some of the more unusual applications she received through the boyfriend application form. One candidate bizarrely offered to send a sample of his blood, asking for hers in return. Another notable application came from an undisclosed famous person who slid into her DMs. Interestingly, many applicants hailed from Texas and had the star sign Aquarius.

Among the responses, one applicant admitted he lived with his parents and didn’t own a car, but boasted of having two boats. Another promised never to hit on her friends, meeting her baseline expectation for loyalty. A third mentioned having a full-time career but refused to give her a bigger wardrobe.

Despite the initial excitement and thorough screening, Dijkmans found that she could not connect with the three chosen suitors, describing them as “suitable” but lacking a spark. She remains undeterred by this experience and continues to have high standards in her search for love.

“At the moment, I’ve put the boyfriend search on hold but I’m keeping my options open,” she said. The influencer emphasized her desire for a near-perfect partner, stating, “I’m just very picky and I need a guy to be almost perfect. I don’t think I should have to compromise on my needs – I’d rather be single until I find the man I’m meant to be with.”

For now, Dijkmans has decided not to repeat the Dutch influencer boyfriend application on social media, choosing instead to take a break from her active search for a boyfriend. Her story highlights the challenges and unusual experiences that can come with modern dating, especially when it involves the digital world. Interestingly, her experiment has inspired some of her followers to create their own versions of the boyfriend application form, hoping to find love in a similar manner.

As Dijkmans continues to engage with her fans on various platforms, including TikTok, the online boyfriend application saga remains a fascinating example of how social media influencers are redefining traditional dating norms.

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