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Influencer Dies After Falling Off 19th Floor


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In a tragic incident on Saturday morning, an Indian expatriate in her late 30s, Shanifa Babu, fell to her death from the balcony of her 19th-floor apartment in Fujairah. The heartbreaking event left her family, friends, and thousands of followers in shock.

Shanifa was a popular figure on social media, boasting a combined following of over 90,000 on Instagram and TikTok. She was known for her humorous reels and engaging posts about her family life. Married with two daughters, Shanifa often shared glimpses of her everyday moments, endearing herself to a wide audience. Her mother was visiting her from Dubai at the time of her untimely death.

The community of Fujairah and her extensive online network were devastated by the news. Shanifa’s final social media post, a TikTok reel posted on Thursday, hauntingly read: “Don’t fall in love with me, I will break your heart.” This post has now taken on a poignant significance in light of her sudden demise.

Condolences have flooded social media, with many users expressing their disbelief and sorrow. “I cannot believe you are no longer on this earth Shanu,” wrote one user. Another expressed: “You were someone I became friends with on social media without ever meeting in real life, rest in peace.” The outpouring of grief highlights the deep impact Shanifa had on those who followed her journey.

Shanifa’s husband, Sanuj Babu, also shared the heartbreaking news on his social media. In a poignant Instagram post, he wrote, “Please pray for her.”

Shanifa’s death has not only shocked her followers but has also raised questions about the pressures faced by social media influencers. Her active presence on Instagram and TikTok, where she regularly posted content to entertain and connect with her audience, was a significant part of her life.

The authorities in Fujairah are conducting an investigation to understand the circumstances surrounding Shanifa’s fall. While the details are still emerging, the community remains united in grief, mourning the loss of a vibrant personality who brought joy and laughter to many.

The tragic death of Shanifa Babu serves as a somber reminder of the unpredictability of life and the profound impact of social media personalities on their followers. As her family navigates this difficult time, they are met with a wave of support from both local and international communities. The collective mourning reflects the strong bonds formed in the digital age, where influencers like Shanifa become an integral part of many lives.

In memory of Shanifa, her followers continue to share her posts, keeping her spirit alive in the virtual world she once brightened. As they grapple with the loss, they celebrate the joy and laughter she brought into their lives, ensuring that her legacy endures.

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