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Influencer Marketing Agency Linqia Partners With Snapchat For Improved Creator Insights


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Linqia, a leading influencer marketing agency for top global brands, has announced a strategic partnership with Snap Inc. This collaboration aims to provide Linqia’s clients with enhanced insights into Snapchat’s creator community, enabling brands to elevate their influencer marketing campaigns through deeper data-driven decisions.

The partnership grants brands unprecedented access to Snapchat’s extensive creator network, offering vital data on audience demographics and content performance. This will address a common challenge in influencer marketing: identifying the right creators to convey brand messages and engage target audiences effectively.

Snapchat’s Creator API will be seamlessly integrated into Linqia’s Resonate platform, the company’s proprietary technology for executing comprehensive influencer marketing campaigns. This integration will enhance Resonate’s existing creator discovery capabilities by incorporating detailed Snapchat metrics, including engagement rates and audience insights, significantly boosting the effectiveness of Snapchat influencer marketing.

“Our partnership with Snapchat brings crucial data and insights to the forefront of selecting the right creator partners,” stated Daniel Schotland, COO of Linqia. “Snapchat’s extensive creator insights complement our data-rich Resonate platform, empowering our clients to optimize their campaigns and achieve significant business results.”

The collaboration between Linqia and Snapchat will revolutionize influencer marketing by:

  • Identifying the most relevant influencers for target audiences.
  • Providing detailed analytics to measure campaign effectiveness.
  • Optimizing content strategies based on real-time performance data.
  • Maximizing ROI by aligning campaigns with current consumer preferences and trends.

Noah Wieseneck, Senior Manager of Partnerships at Snap, expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting Snapchat’s unique consumer interactions and the potential for Linqia clients to authentically engage with the Snapchat creator community through the Snapchat Creator Program. “We’re thrilled that Linqia customers can now leverage the Snapchat creator community to stand out with their creator partnerships,” Wieseneck remarked.

Linqia, which has executed over 5,000 influencer marketing campaigns for more than 650 brands over its decade-long history, notes that Snapchat is becoming increasingly integral to brand strategies. The integration of Snapchat’s creator insights into Linqia’s platform is now available to all clients, enhancing their influencer marketing strategy. Brands interested in leveraging these insights can learn more at Linqia and Snapchat Partnership.

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