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Jynxzi Copies Kai Cenat, ‘Elden Ring’ Marathon Stream Could Last One Week


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Twitch streamer and YouTuber Nicholas ‘Jynxzi’ Stewart has announced a marathon stream where he will play Elden Ring until he beats the game. This event, set to start on Monday, June 16, could last up to a week. Elden Ring streamers have been captivating audiences with their endurance and dedication, and Jynxzi’s upcoming challenge is highly anticipated.

In a Twitch clip shared on X (formerly Twitter) by user ‘scubaryan_’, Jynxzi shared his excitement about the upcoming challenge. “I am doing an Elden Ring marathon,” he said. “I am not ending the stream until I beat Elden Ring… it might take a long time, bro, but I’m not ending the stream until I beat Elden Ring.”

The decision to embark on this marathon follows a similar event by fellow streamer Kai Cenat, who recently completed an Elden Ring marathon that spanned nearly seven days. Kai Cenat’s Elden Ring stream saw him beat the game after 166 hours and 52 minutes, accumulating 1,701 deaths in the process. The success of Cenat’s marathon seems to have inspired Jynxzi, who acknowledged his viewers’ persistent requests over the past two years to play Elden Ring.

Jynxzi’s Twitch stream promises continuous coverage, with the streamer planning to sleep and shower on camera, assuring viewers that no explicit content will be shown. “We’re going to have literally a full set up,” he said.

Reactions to Jynxzi’s announcement have been mixed, with some viewers suggesting he was influenced by Kai Cenat’s success. One viewer noted, “He saw how well that went for Kai and now he wants to do it.” Others highlighted the competitive aspect, pointing out that Jynxzi’s chat had been challenging him to beat the game faster than Kai.

Elden Ring, developed by FromSoftware, has seen a resurgence in popularity on Twitch following Kai Cenat’s marathon. Now, Jynxzi aims to capture some of that excitement with his own extended playthrough. Jynxzi’s Elden Ring stream on Twitch is set to attract significant attention as fans and followers eagerly watch to see if he can surpass Kai Cenat’s time and death count.

The marathon begins June 16, with Jynxzi estimating it could last up to seven days, though he hopes to finish sooner. Fans and followers will be watching closely to see if he can complete the game in a shorter time or with fewer deaths than Kai Cenat.

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