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Kourtney Kardashian Pleads With TikToker To Delete Photo Of Son Rocky


image ofKourtney Kardashian & Travis Baker

Reality TV personality Kourtney Kardashian found herself in the spotlight after an alleged encounter with a TikToker who captured video footage of her 6-month-old son, Rocky Thirteen Barker, prompting her to intervene and request the deletion of the recording. The TikToker, known by the handle @Leeague, recounted the incident in a minute-and-a-half-long video shared on June 4, detailing the encounter at a coffee shop where Kardashian and her husband, Travis Barker, reportedly arrived in a black van with their infant son, Rocky.

In the video, @Leeague described his attempt to discreetly capture a video of the family, only to be noticed by Kardashian. She reportedly approached him and “sweetly” implored him to delete the video, expressing concern about the premature exposure of her son to the public through media outlets like TMZ and Hollywood Fix. The TikToker, acknowledging the gravity of the situation, complied with Kardashian’s request, deleting the video as she stood by and even assisting her in ensuring its complete removal.

The incident sheds light on Kardashian and Barker’s deliberate efforts to shield their son from public scrutiny, underscoring their commitment to maintaining privacy around their family life. The couple, who tied the knot in May 2022 and welcomed Rocky Thirteen Barker in November of the same year, have been notably guarded about sharing their son’s identity, a decision reinforced by Kardashian’s appeal to the TikToker to respect their desire for privacy.

Kourtney Kardashian’s journey to motherhood with Travis Barker has been a source of joy and fulfillment for the couple, following her revelation about taking a break from IVF before conceiving Rocky Thirteen. The couple’s determination and eventual success in expanding their family have been met with widespread support and celebration. Kardashian shares three children with ex Scott Disick, and Barker is a father to two children from his previous marriage to Shanna Moakler.

Following the incident, the TikToker hinted at the retrieval of the deleted video footage, suggesting the possibility of selling it and attracting the attention of media outlets like TMZ. The situation, though not fully resolved, has sparked discussions about the boundaries of privacy and the ethical considerations surrounding the exposure of public figures and their families in the digital age.

Additionally, Kourtney Kardashian’s recent Rocky picture with Travis Barker has gained significant attention, further fueling public curiosity about their family life. Kardashian’s encounter with the TikToker serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between public personas and personal privacy, as public figures navigate the intricacies of maintaining boundaries amid the ever-present influence of social media and the paparazzi.

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