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Logan Paul Reveals 13-Year-Old Opponent Harder To Beat Than Floyd Mayweather


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Logan Paul has gone viral after losing to professional Tetris player Blue Scuti during the Tetris World Championships, held from June 7-9, 2024. Paul, a popular YouTube star, competed against the 13-year-old prodigy and quickly found himself overwhelmed. In an interview with ESPN, Paul admitted his defeat with humor and respect, saying, “I sucked. I have no business being here. Blue Scuti is the toughest competitor I’ve ever faced; Floyd Mayweather pales in comparison.” This remark has drawn attention to Paul’s previous high-profile match, Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather, highlighting the diverse nature of his competitive pursuits.

Paul’s reaction to the loss spread rapidly on TikTok, garnering hundreds of thousands of views. Fans reacted positively, with one user commenting, “Logan wasn’t even doing that bad,” and another saying, “Blue Scuti is a beast! Logan’s respect for him says it all.” The encounter has sparked curiosity about Logan Paul’s next fight, whether it be in traditional sports or esports, as his versatility continues to surprise fans.

Blue Scuti, who first went viral in January 2023 by becoming the first player to “beat” Tetris on the NES, has continued to impress the gaming community. His record-breaking performance caused the game to crash, a feat never accomplished before. This extraordinary achievement brought him widespread recognition, with news anchors around the globe covering the story.

The young Tetris master’s accomplishment even drew a controversial comment from a Sky News correspondent, who told Scuti to “go outside,” sparking backlash across social media. Many found her remark condescending, defending Scuti’s dedication and skill in the game.

Logan Paul’s participation in the Tetris World Championships highlights the crossover appeal between traditional sports and esports. His willingness to compete and his gracious acceptance of defeat have earned him admiration from both his fans and the gaming community. The event also showcased Blue Scuti’s exceptional talent, reinforcing his status as a Tetris legend and pop culture icon. Logan Paul’s Tetris venture adds another chapter to his eclectic career, demonstrating his readiness to challenge himself in unexpected arenas.

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