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Logan Paul Sues Coffeezilla For Claiming CryptoZoo Is A ‘Scam’


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Logan Paul has filed a defamation lawsuit against Stephen Findeisen, known as Coffeezilla, following a series of videos by Findeisen that labeled Paul’s CryptoZoo game a “scam.” Coffeezilla, a self-described investigative journalist, has made multiple videos and comments accusing Paul of deceptive practices with his NFT game, CryptoZoo.

The lawsuit, detailed in a 47-page document, begins with Paul asserting that he is a globally recognized entertainer, athlete, and entrepreneur. It characterizes Findeisen as an untrained journalist and “internet detective” lacking formal journalism training or a private investigator’s license. The lawsuit aims to hold Findeisen accountable for what Paul alleges are malicious and false statements.

The defamation suit claims that Coffeezilla told his viewers not only that the CryptoZoo project was a scam but also that it was a scam orchestrated by Paul himself. The document reveals that Paul had considered legal action when the initial videos were released but chose not to pursue it, stating he was “willing to let bygones be bygones.” However, following Coffeezilla’s final video and critical comments about Paul’s “buyback program,” Paul decided to sue.

Paul’s lawsuit claims that the videos caused significant harm to his reputation and mental health. It seeks $75,000 in compensatory damages for the impact on his brand and reputation. The lawsuit emphasizes that Paul wants to hold Findeisen liable for the damage caused by the dissemination of what he calls defamatory falsehoods.

Logan Paul’s lawsuit not only seeks financial compensation but also aims to restore his reputation, which he claims has been severely damaged by Coffeezilla’s allegations. The suit underscores the broader implications of online accusations and the potential harm they can cause to public figures. By taking legal action, Paul hopes to set a precedent for how defamatory content is addressed in the digital age, particularly within the rapidly evolving landscape of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. Coffeezilla’s response to the lawsuit is awaited with significant interest, as it could have far-reaching consequences for both parties and the wider community of online content creators and journalists.

Adding another layer to the public discourse, the controversy has spilled onto social media platforms like Twitter, where the hashtag #LoganPaulvsCoffeezilla has gained traction. Logan Paul has taken to Twitter to defend himself and his CryptoZoo project, sparking heated debates among followers and detractors. Coffeezilla has also used Twitter to share his investigative findings and respond to Paul’s statements, making the platform a central battleground in the ongoing feud.

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