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Mama & Tata Influencer’s Husband Dead At 43; Police Won’t Reveal More Info About Death


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Real estate mogul Brandon Miller, husband of influential lifestyle blogger Candice Miller, tragically passed away on July 3 at the age of 43, as reported by the New Montefiore Cemetery in New York. The exact cause of his death remains undisclosed, with the Suffolk County Medical Examiner’s office providing no further details upon inquiry.

Brandon, known for his role as managing partner at Real Estate Equities Corporation since 2004, was a distinguished graduate of Brown University. He and Candice resided in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood, where they nurtured a loving family alongside their two daughters.

Candice Miller, renowned for her endeavors including the clothing line Black Iris and her involvement in charitable galas across New York, has not yet publicly addressed her husband’s passing. In a 2019 interview with Mini Magazine, she cherished moments with her family, reflecting, “What I really look forward to on most days is arriving home, sitting for dinners with my husband and my girls, followed by some very yummy snuggles before bedtime, where we all profess our love for one another over and over again.”

The couple’s journey began in childhood in the Hamptons, culminating in their marriage in 2009. Candice has often spoken about the importance of nurturing her daughters’ confidence and resilience, advocating for them to pursue their dreams fearlessly. She attributed much of her own strength to Brandon’s unwavering support, stating, “I have the most supportive husband who encourages me to do whatever I love and always lifts me up.”

Candice Miller’s online presence, notably through her Mama & Tata blog and influencer status, has highlighted her family’s joys and challenges, resonating deeply with her followers. Her brand, shaped by personal experiences and the loving bond with Brandon and their daughters, continues to inspire many.

At this time, the Miller family is mourning privately, supported by friends and loved ones. Candice’s profound loss marks a moment of reflection for her community, which has been touched by her candid storytelling and the warmth of her family’s journey together.

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