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MrBeast Car Giveaway Winner Told Her Receipts Were Fraudulent, Win Gets Canceled


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An Australian woman, Isabella Wilson, is devastated after being told she won a car in a giveaway competition run by YouTube star MrBeast, only to be disqualified because of a Woolworths receipt deemed “fraudulent.”

Thousands of fans gathered at the Sydney Opera House forecourt to witness MrBeast, whose real name is James Donaldson, give away 10 cars, including a Lamborghini, to lucky competition winners yesterday afternoon. This event was one of the highlights of MrBeast’s Sydney visit.

Wilson, a Sydneysider, was notified on Sunday evening that she had won a car in the competition. She provided a photo of her Woolworths receipt and a screenshot informing her of the win to 9news.com.au.

Australian fans could enter the competition by purchasing a chocolate bar from MrBeast’s Feastables chocolate bar range. Each chocolate bar bought qualified the buyer for one competition entry. Wilson, a big fan of MrBeast, rushed to Woolworths to buy 10 chocolate bars as soon as she heard about the Australian competition.

Wilson said she was thrilled to learn she had won, but her excitement was short-lived. On Monday, she was informed that her receipt had been flagged as fraudulent, and her entry was disqualified.

“I couldn’t believe it. I was so excited, and then it all just came crashing down,” Wilson said. “I bought the bars fair and square, so I don’t understand how my receipt could be fraudulent.”

MrBeast’s team confirmed that all entries were thoroughly checked and that any receipt flagged as suspicious would be disqualified to ensure the competition’s fairness. They did not provide specific details about why Wilson’s receipt was deemed fraudulent.

Wilson said she feels crushed by the outcome, as she had been a long-time supporter of MrBeast and his charitable efforts. She expressed hope that there might be a way to resolve the issue and reclaim her prize.

MrBeast’s giveaways, including the MrBeast car giveaway in Sydney, have become legendary for their scale and generosity. The Sydney event was no exception, drawing a massive crowd eager to see who would drive away in the luxury cars. Despite the controversy surrounding Wilson’s disqualification, the event was a huge success, with many fans leaving thrilled by the spectacle.

The incident has sparked discussions online, with many fans sympathizing with Wilson and questioning the competition’s verification process. MrBeast’s team has yet to respond to the growing concerns from the public.

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