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Nara Smith Threatens To Sue South African Influencer Over TikTok Video Copying Claims


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South African content creator and chef Onezwa Mbola has announced that she is facing a potential lawsuit from fellow content creator Nara Smith. The dispute, which has captured significant attention online, centers around allegations that Smith has been copying Mbola’s content.

The controversy began when Nara Smith posted a video of herself making Boba tea from scratch, just a day after Onezwa Mbola had posted a similar video. Mbola’s followers have noted the similarities between their content for some time, but Mbola had remained silent on the matter until recently. In a recent TikTok video, Mbola directly accused Smith of stealing her content.

Following this public accusation, the influencer responded by threatening legal action. On Wednesday, Mbola tweeted, “Nara is threatening to sue me,” and shared the letter she received from Smith.

In the letter, Smith writes, “I am writing to address a serious matter regarding your recent statements accusing me of stealing your content. You have publicly claimed that I stole your videos related to Boba tea and mozzarella cheese, which is untrue and damaging to my reputation.”

Nara Smith, known for her TikTok cooking videos where she often showcases her skills in cooking from scratch, asserts that the allegations are false and that she has proof to support her claim. “The videos in question are not my original creations, and I have all the necessary proof of this on the social media platform TikTok. Your false accusations have caused significant harm to my personal and professional reputation,” she continues.

Smith’s letter serves as a formal notice demanding that Mbola retract her statements and cease making defamatory claims. “This email serves as a formal notice that if you don’t retract your statements and cease making defamatory claims immediately, I will have no choice but to pursue legal action against you for defamation of character. I strongly urge you to take this matter seriously and to address it promptly to avoid further legal consequences,” Smith writes.

She concludes by expecting a prompt response and a public retraction from Mbola. “I expect your prompt response and a public retraction of your false claims.”

As of now, Mbola has not posted a video response to Smith’s legal threat. The situation continues to unfold, with followers of both content creators watching closely to see how the dispute will be resolved.

Onezwa Mbola, who has garnered a significant following with her cooking videos on TikTok and recently released a cookbook, has built a reputation for her original content and culinary expertise. Her fans are particularly vocal in defending her originality and creativity in the kitchen.

The ongoing drama between Nara Smith and Onezwa Mbola has not only highlighted the competitive nature of content creation on platforms like TikTok but also brought to light the challenges creators face in protecting their intellectual property.

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