Parents Hire TikTok Influencers To Look For Unique Baby Names



In a trend that’s picking up steam among expectant parents, TikTok and Instagram influencers specializing as baby-name consultants are increasingly hiring to find unique and impactful names for newborns. These baby name consultants on Instagram and baby name consultants on Tiktok work to create standout names that ensure individuality and enhance the child’s digital persona for future branding potential.

This surge in demand for unique baby names, as highlighted by Sophie Kihm, editor-in-chief of Nameberry, reflects a shift from traditional naming conventions to a preference for distinctive and memorable names influenced by cultural trends, social media, and personal aspirations.

Parents are now considering how a name performs in personal interactions and online, where it garners likes and shapes first impressions. Influencers like Steph Coffield, who boasts over 276,000 TikTok followers, provide services that range from curated name lists based on detailed client preferences to comprehensive packages that include ongoing consultation and customization of names. These services can vary in price, reflecting the extent of personalization and consultation provided.

The role of a name in a child’s life is taking on new weight in an era of digital identities and personal branding, leading to what some call “naming fatigue,” as parents navigate the pressure to choose a perfect name that offers both uniqueness and a positive future projection. This modern approach to naming is a far cry from past practices where children were often named after family members or popular figures of the time, showing just how personalized and thought-out the process has become.

The trend of hiring baby-name consultants is increasingly popularized by the digital era’s emphasis on uniqueness and personal branding. These specialists employ various techniques, from analyzing cultural trends to incorporating linguistic elements, to help parents choose names that convey desired qualities or characteristics. This practice underscores a broader societal shift toward individualism and using social media as a platform for personal expression.

Moreover, the baby naming process today reflects changing societal norms, where names are not just identifiers but elements of a person’s digital and social identity. As this trend continues to grow, the role of professional naming consultants might expand, influencing how future generations think about identity and social interaction in an increasingly digital world.

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