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Philadelphia Influencer Meatball Who Livestreamed Looting Sentenced To 5 Years Probation


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Philadelphia social media influencer “Meatball,” whose real name is Dayjia Blackwell, has been sentenced to five years of probation following her arrest for burglary. Known for her substantial following as a YouTube influencer, Blackwell, 22, was accused of live-streaming the looting that broke out in the wake of a police officer’s acquittal last year.

Blackwell’s video captured the chaotic scenes of people targeting businesses in Center City and stores at the Roosevelt Mall. According to investigators, the Philadelphia influencer not only filmed the looting but also encouraged and participated in the crimes. This live-streaming act significantly heightened her visibility, making her a focal point in the investigation.

Authorities arrested Blackwell along with more than 50 other individuals linked to the looting incidents. Her prominent role as a Philadelphia influencer, particularly on YouTube, was cited as a factor that exacerbated the situation, leading to her arrest and subsequent sentencing.

The judge’s decision to sentence Blackwell to probation instead of prison time underscores the severity of her actions while also providing her an opportunity for rehabilitation. In addition to probation, Blackwell has been mandated to complete community service and attend counseling sessions. The court emphasized the necessity for Blackwell to use her influential platform in a responsible and positive manner.

The sentencing serves as a cautionary tale for social media influencers about the potential legal consequences of their online behavior. The judge warned that any breach of the probation terms could result in harsher penalties, thereby underlining the importance of adhering to the legal and ethical standards expected from public figures like Philadelphia influencer Meatball.

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