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Plus Size Influencer Callejas 503 Shockingly Dies, Fans Claim Unhealthy Eating


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Plus-sized influencer Edgar Landaverde, known to his followers as Callejas 503, passed away at the age of 37, as confirmed by his family on Instagram to his 82,900 followers. The announcement, made on Thursday, expressed the family’s sorrow over his untimely demise and thanked his supporters for their love and condolences.

The sudden news of Landaverde’s death left his followers in shock, particularly as he had no known illnesses. Despite the lack of details surrounding his cause of death, speculation arose among some of his followers. Concerns were voiced regarding Landaverde’s health habits, with one commenter suggesting that his passing may have been related to his lifestyle choices. The issue of Callejas 503’s weight was a topic of discussion among his followers, reflecting broader concerns about health and wellness.

As Callejas 503, Landaverde garnered a significant following on social media platforms, boasting 82,900 Instagram followers and approximately 178,000 subscribers on YouTube. Primarily known for his YouTube content, he utilized his channel to review food joints and share humorous moments from his daily life and travels. Searches for “Callejas 503 YouTube” surged following the news, as fans revisited his videos to honor his memory.

Expressions of condolences poured in from his followers, reflecting on his impact and presence in their lives. Landaverde was laid to rest on Saturday in Santa Tecla, El Salvador, where he hailed from. The topic “Callejas 503 dead” trended on various social media platforms as fans and fellow influencers shared their grief and memories of the beloved content creator.

Landaverde’s contributions to the online community extended beyond entertainment: He voiced frustrations about the lack of support for content creators in his home country. In his videos, he lamented the preference of brands for traditional advertising mediums over online platforms, despite the effectiveness and reach of digital content.

His final social media posts, including an Instagram video discussing his motorbike and a YouTube vlog featuring a lunch outing with friends, serve as poignant reminders of his vibrant personality and passion for sharing moments with his audience.

In the wake of Landaverde’s passing, his absence reverberates throughout the online community, prompting reflections on the impact of social media influencers and the fragility of life. His sudden departure serves as a poignant reminder to prioritize health and well-being, underscoring the importance of self-care and mindful living in an era dominated by digital platforms. As followers mourn his loss, they also celebrate the joy and laughter he brought into their lives, cherishing the memories and moments shared through his content.

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