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Plus-Size Travel Influencers Forces Uber, Lyft To Provide Seatbelt Extenders


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Plus-size travel influencer Jaelynn Chaney, also known as Jae Bae, has expanded her advocacy for fat-pride activism to include rideshare companies, urging them to make seat belt extenders available for plus-size passengers. In a video posted to TikTok, Chaney highlighted the common issue faced by many plus-size individuals who are forced to go without a seatbelt due to the unavailability of belt extenders in ride shares, emphasizing the safety concerns associated with this situation.

Chaney’s call for rideshare companies to provide at least one seatbelt extender per vehicle aims to address the safety needs of plus-size passengers and eliminate the inconvenience and potential risks they face. She also emphasized the importance of ensuring that seatbelt extenders are specifically fitted for each vehicle to effectively address the needs of plus-size passengers.

In response to potential criticism, Chaney clarified that she always carries a universal seatbelt extender with her on rides, but often encounters issues with their functionality despite being advertised as ‘universal.’ Additionally, she suggested that companies such as Uber and Lyft should reimburse drivers for the cost of seatbelt extenders, which are available for as low as $12 on Amazon.

While Chaney’s advocacy has garnered attention and support from some quarters, the majority of commenters expressed skepticism and criticism, attributing the issue to her rather than the rideshare companies. This latest initiative by Chaney reflects her ongoing efforts to advocate for the rights and safety of plus-size individuals, particularly in the context of travel and transportation.

As a travel influencer, Chaney frequently shares travel influencer tips with her audience, focusing on the unique challenges and experiences of plus-size travelers. Her previous endeavors have included advocating for free extra seats for obese fliers on airlines, as well as calling for changes in hotel amenities to better accommodate overweight guests. Her efforts have sparked widespread discussions and debates, underscoring the complex and multifaceted nature of issues related to body positivity, inclusivity, and safety in various aspects of travel and hospitality.

Chaney’s persistent advocacy for the rights and representation of plus-size individuals has also drawn attention to the broader societal attitudes and challenges faced by individuals of diverse body types. By using her platform as a plus-size travel influencer to shed light on the experiences of discrimination and obstacles encountered by plus-size individuals, Chaney has sparked important conversations about inclusivity, accessibility, and the need for systemic changes to better accommodate individuals of varying body sizes. While her initiatives have sparked debates and critiques, they have also contributed to raising awareness about the importance of considering the diverse needs of individuals across different sectors, including transportation and hospitality.

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