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‘Rude’ Influencer Blasted For Skin Care Video Inside Plane Bathroom, Keeps Queue For 15 Minutes


image ofKate Elisabeth

An influential skincare influencer has sparked outrage on TikTok after she occupied an airplane bathroom for nearly 15 minutes to perform her multi-step plane skincare routine. Kate Elisabeth, a beauty influencer with 657,000 followers, posted a now-viral video showing her beautifying process, which included washing her face, brushing her teeth, using an eye mask, and applying various skincare products. The video, captioned “oops,” quickly drew criticism from viewers who labeled her behavior as “inconsiderate” and “rude.”

In the video, Elisabeth claimed she told a woman waiting in line that she would only be two minutes. However, the expedited time-lapse video indicated that she spent close to 15 minutes in the cramped aircraft bathroom. This has infuriated viewers who noted that airplane bathrooms are limited and essential for all passengers.

“Bro if I had to pee and you were in here doing this…” one user commented, while another added, “I’d be pissed if someone took 15 min in an airplane bathroom doing what they could do at their seat. Brush your teeth then allow others to use the bathroom.”

Many agreed that the beauty influencer‘s actions were disrespectful, pointing out that much of her routine could have been done at her seat. “This isn’t a flex. Be respectful of other people in public places. Half of this routine could have been done at your seat,” one user stated. Another commenter criticized her lack of manners, saying, “Some people have no manners.”

Despite the backlash, Elisabeth seemed to enjoy the controversy. She responded to one commenter who said, “I love how much these annoy people,” by replying, “Literally it’s so funny.” Elisabeth later noted that “y’all are so easily fooled,” suggesting that her video was intended as “rage bait”—content designed to provoke anger and boost engagement through comments, views, and likes.

The video has ignited a debate about appropriate behavior in public spaces, especially confined ones like airplane bathrooms. It also highlights a growing trend where skin care influencers create provocative content to increase their social media interactions, regardless of the potential inconvenience or disrespect towards others. This incident sheds light on the impact of skin care TikTok trends and the lengths to which influencers will go to maintain their beauty routines, even in the most inconvenient of settings.

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