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Shohei Ohtani’s ‘Oi Ocha’ Ads To Be Displayed In 85 Locations Across The World


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ITO EN, Ltd., the Tokyo-based producer of the world’s leading unsweetened green tea beverage, “Oi Ocha,” has announced a major advertising campaign featuring Shohei Ohtani, the Los Angeles Dodgers star. This campaign will showcase Ohtani’s endorsement of “Oi Ocha” at over 85 locations both in Japan and internationally.

The campaign kicks off on May 31 at Morioka Station in Iwate Prefecture, Ohtani’s hometown. Following this launch, the ads will appear in 82 locations across 12 Japanese prefectures, including major cities like Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. Notably, the JR Shibuya Station area in Tokyo will also feature these advertisements. Additionally, six international locations will participate, including the U.S., South Korea, and Taiwan, with prominent displays in New York’s Times Square from June 8 to 10 during Ohtani’s visit for the Yankees-Dodgers series.

Ohtani has been appointed as the “Oi Ocha Global Ambassador,” and this collaboration aims to enhance the global appreciation for Japanese green tea. The campaign is designed to attract a wide audience, with the advertisements conveying ITO EN and Ohtani’s shared goal of spreading Japan’s rich green tea culture worldwide.

The outdoor advertisements will be visually striking, featuring large images of Ohtani with “Oi Ocha” products. In Japan, special installations at Shibuya and Nagoya stations will display columns designed to look like giant “Oi Ocha” bottles, complete with commemorative messages celebrating Ohtani’s role as ambassador. These unique installations also feature new haiku by Ohtani, which have already generated significant buzz.

ITO EN’s campaign reflects its commitment to both the domestic and international markets. As the brand continues to grow, the partnership with Shohei Ohtani is a strategic move to leverage his international appeal and promote the benefits of green tea.

For further information and visuals related to the campaign, including images of the outdoor advertisements, visit ITO EN’s special landing page dedicated to this collaboration.

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