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Sketch Leaks: Twitch Streamer Confirms OnlyFans Sex Videos Are His, Influencers Show Support


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Popular video game streamer Kylie Cox, known as Sketch, has received an outpouring of support from fellow online creators after sexually explicit content featuring him surfaced over the weekend. The Sketch leaks quickly went viral, prompting widespread discussions online.

In an emotional livestream on Monday, Cox acknowledged his involvement in content posted on the subscription platform OnlyFans, which included scenes of him engaging in sexual activity with another man. The Sketch leak video has sparked intense debates within the young, male-dominated online streaming community about issues such as homophobia and privacy.

Cox’s livestream on Monday, where he addressed the Sketch leaks and Sketch Onlyfans content, garnered significant attention, amassing over 875,000 views on Twitch and more than 22 million views in clips shared on other platforms. The incident has also brought up discussions around Sketch videos and their impact on his career.

Despite the support from many fellow creators, Cox also faced backlash and homophobic remarks from some viewers and another popular Sketch streamer. However, figures like Richard Bengston, CEO of FaZe Clan, stood by Cox, affirming their support publicly with messages like, “What’s up, brother, we got your back.”

Cox, who gained prominence earlier this year with his catchphrases and interactions in games like “Madden NFL,” has built a substantial following across platforms like Twitch and TikTok. His sudden fame led to concerns about the potential exposure of his past activities in sex work.

During his livestream, Cox expressed gratitude to his parents and Bengston for their support, emphasizing the crucial role his friends and family played in helping him navigate the challenges arising from the leaked content. Reflecting on the impact of the Sketch twitch leak, Cox admitted that without the support of his loved ones, he might not have coped with the situation as effectively.

The incident underscores broader issues of privacy and acceptance within the gaming and streaming communities, highlighting the complexities of navigating personal and professional identities in the digital age.

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