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Starbucks Launches Own Production House To ‘Produce Original Entertainment’ With Hollywood Partners


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Starbucks has announced a new initiative called Starbucks Studios, aimed at producing original entertainment and telling stories that foster human connection and joy. Christy Cain, vice president of brand and partnerships marketing, stated that Starbucks Studios aligns with the company’s mission to explore the limitless possibilities of human connection. The initiative will spotlight young artists, innovators, changemakers, and others who inspire and make a positive impact on the world.

Starbucks Studios is partnering with Sugar23, a multimedia production and talent management organization. Michael Sugar, founder and CEO of Sugar23, emphasized that storytelling is a natural extension of Starbucks’ efforts to connect with people. He expressed excitement about working with Starbucks to create premium entertainment that fosters connections and inspires change.

Starbucks has a history of supporting original films and series that reflect its values. Past projects include “Upstanders,” a series launched in 2016 and 2017 that highlights real people making a difference in their communities. In 2019, Starbucks released “Hingakawa,” a film about two women who found common ground through coffee and chose forgiveness. Starbucks also produced “This is Football,” a six-part documentary exploring the emotions, stories, and passions of the world’s most loved sport.

The launch of Starbucks Studios marks a significant expansion of Starbucks’ commitment to the arts and storytelling. By creating a dedicated platform for original content, Starbucks aims to deepen its engagement with customers and communities worldwide. This initiative not only enhances the company’s brand but also provides a platform for diverse voices and perspectives to be heard, reinforcing Starbucks’ dedication to inclusivity and social impact.

Looking ahead, Starbucks Studios plans to collaborate with various creators and influencers to produce content that resonates on a global scale. The partnership with Sugar23 is expected to bring high-quality, thought-provoking entertainment to audiences, blending Starbucks’ cultural influence with Sugar23’s expertise in multimedia production. This strategic move positions Starbucks as a key player in the entertainment industry, leveraging its brand power to inspire and connect people through the art of storytelling.

In addition to Starbucks Studios, the company is establishing a Starbucks production studio to further enhance its content creation capabilities. This new Starbucks production house will serve as a hub for developing innovative projects and collaborating with a wide array of talent. By investing in a dedicated production facility, Starbucks underscores its commitment to delivering impactful stories and high-quality entertainment, cementing its role as a major player in the realm of original content production.

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