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States With The Most Influencers: Florida Is Second, NJ Is Third


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A recent analysis of America’s top influencers conducted by Ubiquitous Influence has shed light on the geographical distribution of the country’s most prominent social media personalities. The study, which focused on a sample of the 200 leading influencers nationwide, revealed that states with most influencers include California, New York, Florida, and Texas as the primary homes of the influencer population.

Notably, California emerged as the dominant hub for influencers, with a staggering 31% of the sample residing in the state. The cultural allure of cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, coupled with the presence of Hollywood and an established celebrity infrastructure, has contributed significantly to California’s status as the epicenter of influencer activity. Influencity estimates that over 2 million influencers call California their home, emphasizing the state’s unparalleled influence in the digital realm.

Following California, Florida secured the second position, albeit at a considerable distance, with 9% of the influencer population based in the state. Texas closely trailed behind, claiming 8% of the influencer demographic. While these populous states were anticipated to house a significant number of influencers, the data revealed some unexpected outliers.

Surprisingly, New Jersey, despite lacking the same urban prominence as California and Florida, was found to accommodate 6% of America’s top influencer cohort. Additionally, Georgia boasted an additional 2%, which Influencity attributes to the burgeoning impact of Atlanta’s film industry, mirroring the influence that Hollywood has exerted on California’s influencer landscape.

Ohio, despite its relatively smaller size, was home to a respectable 5% of the influencer population. Meanwhile, Arizona and Illinois rounded out the remaining top ten states, each claiming 2% of the influential demographic. The remaining influencers in the sample were dispersed across various other states nationwide, indicating the broader distribution of influencer talent beyond the primary hubs.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the most famous influencers right now play a crucial role in shaping trends and consumer behavior. An effective influencer strategy is essential for brands looking to leverage this dynamic market. Understanding the geographical distribution of influencers can help brands tailor their campaigns more effectively, ensuring they reach their target audience in the most impactful way.

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