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Taraji P. Henson Slams ‘Young Man’ Keith Lee Over BET Mixup Reaction: ‘His Ego Is Hurt’


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Social media food critic Keith Lee faces backlash over his reaction to Taraji P. Henson’s mix-up at the 2024 BET Awards. The actress, who hosted the event, mistakenly identified TikTok star Jordan Howlett as Lee during a skit. Henson approached Howlett and joked, calling him a “Method Man look-alike,” and then referred to him as “Mr. Keith Lee.” The confusion became clear when Howlett pointed to Lee, who was seated nearby with his wife, Ronni.

Embarrassed, Henson apologized, trying to smooth things over by complimenting Lee in front of his wife. Later that night, Keith Lee posted a TikTok video dropping the rose Henson gave him, captioning it with a message about recognition and timing. The clip was deleted, but not before it was captured and shared by The Neighborhood Talk.

Reactions to Lee’s post were mixed. Some viewers found his response “corny” and overdramatic, particularly after Henson’s sincere apology. Others sympathized, noting that Lee might have felt embarrassed by the awkward situation on national television and the flirting in front of his wife.

Lil Scrappy, a rapper and reality star, also commented on the incident, suggesting it was an honest mistake and emphasizing the need for mutual recognition and respect.

In response to the online criticism, Henson addressed the situation on July 2, explaining that Lee wasn’t in his assigned seat during her rehearsals, which led to the confusion. She suggested that his reaction was driven by a bruised ego but reiterated that she made amends at the end of the show.

Following this, Keith Lee posted another video to clarify his actions. He stressed that he wasn’t upset with Henson and praised her performance. He explained that his symbolic gesture of dropping the rose wasn’t directed at her but reflected his belief that the moment wasn’t meant for him. Lee criticized the event’s production team for the lack of direction and preparation, which he felt was unfair to both him and Henson.

He also addressed the interpretation of his wife’s reaction during the incident, clarifying that they understood Henson’s flirting was improv and a joke. Keith Lee concluded by expressing his appreciation for the invitation to the BET Awards but wished the setup had been more conducive to success for everyone involved.

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