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TikTok influencer’s Real Estate Cooperative Raises $2 million With 5,000 Members In 24 Hours


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The Middle Class United Cooperative (MCU), a new real estate cooperative, has made a striking debut by raising over $2 million and attracting 5,000 members within 24 hours of its launch. In just two weeks, MCU’s growth has surged to over $3.3 million with more than 6,500 members, reflecting a strong demand for affordable housing solutions among Americans.

Founded by Joe Redden, a former Army veteran and TikTok influencer known as OlderMillenial, MCU aims to tackle the housing affordability crisis affecting the middle class. With a democratic model that grants each member equal voting rights, MCU prioritizes community, transparency, and social responsibility. The cooperative also redistributes surplus profits to charitable causes, reinforcing its commitment to societal impact.

MCU’s first round of membership is capped at 40,000 members to ensure fairness and equal participation. Each member can invest a minimum and maximum of $500, ensuring equal influence in voting for investments and non-profit activities.

“I want to be part of a unifying movement that shows the elites we are not helpless, and we still have the will to fight on the battlefield of money,” said Nicholas Alexander, an MCU member and United States Army veteran.

Joe Redden, who has gained over a million followers on TikTok in under ten months, uses his platform to advocate for financial stability for middle-class families. “MCU’s early success is a testament to the power of community-driven initiatives and innovative solutions in tackling pressing social issues. We are thrilled with the overwhelming support and rapid growth of MCU,” said Redden. “Our rapid growth shows the power of community and the urgent need for affordable housing. MCU is here to redefine what’s possible for the middle class. We’re creating more than just affordable housing; we’re creating a future where the middle class has a voice and a stake in their own success.”

Members are joining MCU to be part of this unique movement for the middle class. “So much of life seems out of my control these days. The world progresses with the wants and desires of the elite while leaving the majority left out and displeased with the results of their decisions. That’s why I joined. To feel like my voice and actions have an effect in a positive way on the world. One that will help those like me and not just the few like them. I’d rather be a part of something with action than passively complain,” says member Cory Green.

The Middle Class United Cooperative (MCU) stands out as a beacon of hope for those seeking affordable housing solutions and greater financial stability. By leveraging Joe Redden’s influence on TikTok, the cooperative has quickly garnered attention and support, demonstrating the significant impact social media can have on social and economic initiatives.

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