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TikTok US Ban Will Open Doors For New Social Media Platforms: Orme CEO


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Orme, a new marketplace backed by Xcel Brands Inc. and developed with KonnectBio Inc., is transforming the way brands engage with consumers through short-form video. Faisal Ahmed, cofounder and CEO of Orme, emphasized that the platform goes beyond traditional e-commerce by creating a community where social sharing and referral incentives reward both shoppers and social media influencers.

Integrating e-commerce with social networking, Orme leverages the popularity of video content on various social media platforms to engage users. Ahmed explained, “It is more than a marketplace. It is a community where social sharing and referral incentives reward shoppers and influencers.” This innovative approach aims to elevate brand profiles while offering financial rewards to buyers and influencers alike.

Ahmed discussed the potential impact of a possible TikTok ban in the U.S. on the influencer economy. He noted that TikTok has revolutionized interactions between brands, creators, and consumers. However, the uncertainty surrounding a TikTok US ban is prompting brands and influencers to consider alternative platforms. Ahmed stated, “Consumers have a strong appetite for engaging with short-form video content, and we expect that brands and influencers will begin to increase their presence on other platforms, like Orme.”

Orme offers a similar format to TikTok and emphasizes return on investment (ROI). The platform rewards users for sharing shoppable videos from their favorite brands, allowing brands to maximize their influencer marketing investments. Unlike traditional platforms, Orme democratizes the social shopping experience by offering performance-based cash rewards to all users, not just paid influencers.

To prepare for a potential TikTok ban, Ahmed advised brands to diversify their content and social media strategies across multiple platforms, including Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts. He highlighted Orme’s capability to integrate existing influencer content from other social media platforms into its app, facilitating seamless sharing and enhancing user engagement.

Retailers and brands invest heavily in influencer marketing, yet the ROI often falls short. Only 23 percent of brands run influencer campaigns to drive sales. Ahmed pointed out that many social commerce experiences are fragmented, hindering consumers from making purchases. Orme addresses this issue by connecting to a brand’s API and updating inventory levels in real-time, providing transparency throughout the shopping experience.

Ahmed emphasized the importance of using owned content on platforms that deliver real ROI. He argued that everyday consumers, not just professional influencers, should earn income from the content they post if it drives engagement. By offering performance-based cash rewards to all users, Orme aims to democratize social commerce and extend the benefits of influencer marketing to a broader audience.

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