TikToker Kimberley Nix Dead At 31; Leave Final Video For Fans


Kimberley Nix

Dr. Kimberley Nix, a former medical resident and popular TikTok influencer, died on Wednesday at the age of 31, following a three-year battle with metastatic sarcoma. Nix, who was based in Calgary, Alberta, was diagnosed with the rare cancer at 28 during her final year of internal medicine residency. She is survived by her husband, Michael MacIsaac.

Nix gained widespread attention and a following of over 137,000 on social media after she began sharing her journey with cancer on Instagram and TikTok. Kimberley Nix’ final videos, which often reached over a million viewers, combined personal reflections with educational content about sarcoma, a disease with over 100 subtypes and varying presentations.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE last month, Kimberley Nix’s cancer situation was expressed through a desire to use her platform to educate others about sarcoma and to inspire people to appreciate life despite its challenges. She emphasized the importance of focusing on life’s positive aspects, such as relationships, career, and simple joys, which helped her stay grounded and continue her treatment.

But how did Nix die? Nix was originally diagnosed with extra-skeletal osteosarcoma but was later found to have undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma. This type of sarcoma is particularly aggressive and can form in soft tissue or bones, commonly affecting the legs, arms, or abdomen.

Highlighting the insidious nature of the disease, Nix shared that her cancer was initially indicated by a rapidly growing lump on her leg, which changed from the size of a pea to a golf ball in just over a week, prompting immediate medical attention.

On the day of her passing, Dr. Nix posted a final video to her TikTok account, which has since been viewed by over 4.6 million people. In her farewell message, she thanked her followers for the purpose they brought to her life, especially towards the end. She encouraged new viewers to explore her posts about sarcoma, her treatments, and her personal experiences, underscoring her commitment to education and support for others facing similar battles.

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