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TikTok’s ‘Door Kick Challenge’ Gets Teens Arrested; Official Warns Trend Is ‘Exceptionally Dangerous’


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Two 15-year-old boys from Spring Hill, Florida, have been arrested after participating in a TikTok challenge known as the “Door Kick Challenge.” This challenge involves kicking in the front doors of homes and recording the act to share on social media. The “Door Kick Challenge gone wrong” is part of the risky and sometimes dangerous TikTok challenges 2024, which have been gaining traction among teens.

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office reported that the teens were apprehended after surveillance videos captured them kicking in the doors of four different residences over the past two weeks. The incidents occurred during the early morning hours and caused significant damage, with some doors flying open from the force of the kicks.

Sheriff Al Nienhuis expressed concern about the potential dangers of the challenge. “This situation was exceptionally dangerous on several levels,” Nienhuis said. “There was a very good possibility that these young men could have been shot and killed by a homeowner lawfully defending the household. Second, if this occurred, the homeowner would have been burdened with the fact he or she killed two teenagers who were participating in a stupid activity.”

The two teens, who live within walking distance of the homes they targeted, admitted to the acts when questioned by deputies. One of the boys told detectives that they were inspired to kick the doors after seeing the “Door Kick Challenge” on TikTok. He insisted that they never intended to enter any of the homes.

Both teenagers were charged with four counts of burglary of a dwelling. They were taken to the Hernando County Detention Center, processed, and later released into the custody of their parents.

This incident adds to the growing concern over dangerous social media challenges that encourage risky and illegal behavior. TikTok trends like these have been criticized for their potential to cause harm and legal repercussions. The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate and warns other young people about the serious consequences of participating in such activities.

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