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Woman Burns Her ‘Oesophagus’ After Following TikTok Influencer’s Health Advice


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A woman has been hospitalized after following a wellness influencer’s advice that resulted in a burnt esophagus. TikTok user Lutinii (@lutinii) shared her story, warning others to be cautious when following health hacks from influencers. This incident highlights the potential dangers associated with TikTok health trends today, as more people turn to social media for wellness advice.

Lutinii said she followed a well-known health influencer on TikTok six years ago who promoted “holistic recipes” while claiming to be healing from a chronic illness. One of the influencer’s videos suggested aiding digestion by eating an orange coated with cinnamon and cayenne pepper, peel and all, which has become part of some TikTok gut health trends.

Lutinii tried the remedy but became severely ill, ultimately needing hospitalization. “I had to see a specialist. I got an endoscopy, and it turns out that I did, in fact, burn my esophagus,” she said. “I suffered for MONTHS.” This incident serves as a cautionary tale about the risks of blindly following TikTok health trends in 2024.

She expressed concern that the influencer continues to share similar tips and now has a much larger following. “While I do think it’s the content creator’s responsibility to be mindful, I think we have even more responsibility to discern and take everything we see with a grain of salt,” Lutinii stated. “That is the last time I will listen to a health and wellness influencer.”

The video has garnered thousands of comments. One user wrote, “I will never understand why people listen to random strangers online about their health. I trust no one!” Another commented, “Those of us with chronic illness can feel desperate when we suffer so much. It’s a life of trial & error. I hope you have healed since this!” A third added, “The thing is people need to trust professionals, we need to look to dieticians and not influencers for diet and nutrition advice. Glad you’re okay!”

As TikTok health trends continue to evolve, it is crucial for users to critically evaluate the advice given by health influencers on TikTok. While some trends can be harmless or even beneficial, others, like the one Lutinii followed, can have serious health consequences. The rise of TikTok gut health trends, in particular, requires careful consideration and professional consultation to ensure safety and efficacy.

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