You Can Buy A Classing Fodero Dining Car On Facebook Marketplace For Only $35,000


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A piece of Pennsylvania’s dining history has been listed for sale on Facebook Marketplace, offering enthusiasts of Americana and retro charm a unique opportunity to get a glimpse of the past. The Fodero Dining Car, located in Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania, is on the market for $35,000, presented as a complete unit ready for transport to a new location.

This classic dining car needs some repairs. It has served as a beloved local eatery for decades under various managements. Most notably, it operated as Risser’s Family Restaurant for 35 years, serving traditional Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine. The diner was a community staple until it closed following the death of owner Ernie Risser in 2014.

According to a report, the car has changed hands and identities several times since then. In 2015, it was renovated and reopened as the Blue Star Family Restaurant and was later renamed Rocky Family Restaurant in 2018. Despite these changes, the diner retains much of its original interior, including the classic red and blue booths that add to its nostalgic appeal.

Seller Mike Weaver emphasizes that the dining car is being sold as a whole and not for parts. “We own the property and plan to repurpose it. The restaurant was demolished but the original diner car is being saved and we are trying to sell it,” Weaver explained. He also noted that while the dining car does not come with the land it currently occupies, he offers transportation options for moving the structure.

This sale represents a chance to revive a piece of Americana. The dining car offers potential buyers the opportunity to own and operate a slice of history, perhaps reintroducing a bygone era of roadside diners to a new generation. The charm and history embedded in its structure will likely attract those looking to invest in a unique piece of the past, providing a ready canvas for those wishing to bring a nostalgic dining experience back to life.

Deals like this, however, pose a problem as scams are rampant on the platform. A 2023 study shows that over 270 million active accounts on Facebook Marketplace are likely fake, making the possibility of a Facebook Marketplace fraud high. Hence, you must be well-informed on how to avoid getting scammed, especially today when online shopping is at an all-time high.

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