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YouTube Premium Bans VPN Use For Cheaper Premium Subscription Price


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YouTube is taking a firm stance against Premium subscribers who use VPNs to access cheaper subscription prices in other countries. This week, numerous users voiced their frustration on Reddit after their Premium plans were canceled for using a VPN to purchase the subscription outside their designated region. The YouTube Premium VPN ban has led to a surge in complaints from affected users.

VPNs are widely used to protect user privacy and prevent cyberattacks, but they can also hide a user’s IP address, masking their true geographic location. By displaying a different country of origin, users can appear to be based in a location where YouTube Premium is less expensive. However, the recent YouTube Premium VPN ban has made it clear that YouTube is actively working to prevent this practice.

YouTube confirmed to TechCrunch that it can detect when a subscriber’s signup country does not match their actual location. The system will prompt these users to update their billing information to reflect their current country of residence. “To provide the most accurate plans and offers available, we have systems in place to determine the country of our users,” a YouTube spokesperson said. “In instances where the signup country does not match where the user is accessing YouTube, we’re asking members to update their billing information to their current country of residence.”

While YouTube declined to comment on specific cancellations, a Google support agent told PCMag that YouTube has begun canceling premium memberships for accounts identified as having falsified signup country information. The agent mentioned that this wave of cancellations started recently and that users who violate the rule will receive an email and in-app notification about their plans being canceled. This highlights the fact that YouTube Premium VPN not working is a growing issue for those trying to bypass regional pricing.

This crackdown comes a year after YouTube raised the price of Premium for U.S. subscribers, increasing the cost from $12 to $14 per month for individual plans. The YouTube Premium price increase underscores YouTube’s efforts to ensure fair pricing and prevent users from exploiting geographic pricing differences through VPNs. The YouTube Premium VPN ban cost is evident as many users are now forced to pay higher prices aligned with their actual region.

As YouTube continues to enforce its policies, potential subscribers may look for alternative ways to access YouTube Premium free or at a reduced cost. However, the company’s current actions demonstrate a commitment to maintaining equitable pricing structures globally, making it harder for users to circumvent these measures using VPNs.

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