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YouTuber GothamChess Dominates Madrid Chess Festival 2024; Beats Grandmasters


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Levy Rozman, known as GothamChess on YouTube, has emerged as a dominant force at the Madrid Chess Festival, defeating two Grandmasters in his first classical chess tournament in nearly two years.

Rozman, with a FIDE rating of 2322, entered the tournament with renewed determination to pursue the Grandmaster title, a goal he had set aside in previous years. His performance has been nothing short of impressive, currently leading the 10-player event with 4.5 points out of 6.

Among his victories are notable wins against Grandmasters Tomás Sosa, Diego Macías, and Lelys Martínez, elevating him to the top of the standings despite being the lowest-rated participant.

Reflecting on his unexpected success, Rozman expressed his emotions on social media following a key match, stating, “My first classical chess game in 2+ years. My lowest elo in nearly 10 years. And I defeated a 2530 GM with the black pieces, the top seed. I’m so happy I could cry.”

Throughout the tournament, Rozman has been actively sharing updates and insights on his YouTube channel, engaging his audience with analyses of his games and the overall tournament experience.

His performance has not only captivated his followers but also garnered attention within the broader chess community. Even renowned Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura has featured Rozman’s games, contributing to the event’s buzz.

The Madrid Chess Festival, where Rozman continues to make waves, will conclude on Saturday, June 15, with the final round of play determining the ultimate winner.

For chess enthusiasts and followers of GothamChess, the event marks a significant chapter in Rozman’s journey towards his renewed pursuit of the Grandmaster title, showcasing both his skill and determination on the international stage.

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