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Zendaya Is On Running’s Newest Brand Ambassador


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Zendaya, the acclaimed actress and star of the upcoming MGM film Challengers, has been announced as the newest brand ambassador for On Running, a popular Swiss shoe company. This marks Zendaya’s first major partnership since her role in the film, where she plays a professional tennis player and also serves as an executive producer.

The collaboration between Zendaya and On Running is a natural fit. Zendaya has been an avid fan of the brand for years, frequently wearing their shoes on set, during travel, while rehearsing, and even when running around with her dog. “It’s no secret that I’ve been a big fan of On for a long time,” Zendaya stated. “I’m always wearing them on set or when I’m traveling, rehearsing, or running around with my dog. So it’s a full-circle moment to make this partnership official.”

Zendaya on running is a perfect match for the brand, which is known for its innovative and stylish athletic footwear. On Running is gaining significant attention with Zendaya’s endorsement, especially with her frequent mentions of Zendaya on shoes and Zendaya on cloud shoes, highlighting her preference for their comfort and style. Her influence and popularity are expected to boost the brand’s visibility and appeal among her millions of fans worldwide. The partnership highlights Zendaya’s active lifestyle and aligns perfectly with her image as a dynamic and versatile performer.

The announcement comes at a time when Zendaya’s career continues to soar. In Challengers, she takes on a challenging role that showcases her athletic abilities and dramatic range. Her collaboration with On Running not only emphasizes her commitment to fitness and performance but also underscores her influence in both the entertainment and fashion industries.

On Running’s choice to partner with Zendaya reflects the brand’s strategy to connect with a broader audience through influential and relatable figures. Her endorsement as the new On brand ambassador is expected to resonate with a wide demographic, further solidifying On Running’s position in the competitive athletic footwear market.

As Zendaya continues to break new ground in her career, her partnership with On Running marks another milestone, bringing together her passion for performance and her influence in popular culture. Fans and fitness enthusiasts alike can look forward to seeing more of Zendaya in On Running gear, whether she’s on the red carpet, on the tennis court, or simply enjoying her everyday activities.

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