39% of Influencers Use Influencer Marketing Platforms For Brand Deals: Survey



The American Influencer Council (AIC) conducted a comprehensive survey on content creators’ brand deal preferences. The survey, which received 567 responses from content creators primarily earning from social media, revealed that 55% of respondents prefer social media marketplaces for securing brand deals, while 39% opt for influencer marketing platforms.

Qianna Smith Bruneteau, founder and executive director of AIC, highlights the accessibility and popularity of social media marketplaces among small and mid-level creators. These marketplaces, such as TikTok, are the go-to platforms for creators to secure brand partnerships and gigs, underscoring their significant role in the brand deal landscape.

The survey also shared influencer marketing benefits and unveiled the strategic approach of influencers in securing brand deals. They employ various methods, including direct messages to brands, influencer marketing deals, the use of platforms like Slack, and engagement with talent managers or agents. It’s noteworthy that 25.9% of respondents utilize email pitching, while 23.8% rely on social media direct messages to initiate brand collaborations, showcasing their resourcefulness and creativity influencer marketing agency in the field.

Regarding the frequency of brand deals needed to sustain a livelihood, the survey found that 28% of content creators require five to nine brand deals monthly, while 16% need at least ten. Conversely, 46% of creators indicated that two to four monthly brand deals are sufficient for a sustainable income.

The duration of brand partnerships varied, with 31% lasting a month, 21% lasting a week, and 22% extending beyond three months. Longer-term partnerships, lasting six months or a year, were less common, reported by 12.5% and 11.9% of respondents, respectively.

The survey illuminated the diverse payment timelines that influencers encounter, showcasing their resilience in navigating financial challenges. While 32% of creators receive instant payments, a significant 29% have to wait at least a month post-deal for payment. Moreover, 10% of creators face delays of 60 to 90 days after the conclusion of the brand deal before receiving payment, highlighting the financial challenges they often navigate with determination and adaptability.

The survey underscores the evolving landscape of influencer brand partnerships and influencer brand collaboration for content creators, emphasizing the significance of social media marketplaces and the diverse strategies employed to secure brand collaborations.

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