Australia Slams Elon Musk, X’s Reaction To Sydney Stabbing Video; Will Tighten Social Media Laws


Elon Musk

Elon Musk, the owner of social media platform X, is once more at the center of another controversy following his refusal to comply with an Australian order to remove graphic footage of a recent incident showing a bishop stabbed in Australia. The footage of the Sydney stabbing on the platform has ignited a sharp response from Australian politicians across party lines, and are now advocating for tougher regulations when it comes to social media content.

In a report, the conflict arose after two violent stabbing attacks occurred in Sydney, leading the e-safety commissioner to issue a takedown notice to X (formerly Twitter). Musk challenged the order, labeling it as an attempt by Australia to impose “global content bans,” which he deems as overreach by the nation’s “censorship commissar.”

In response to Musk’s defiance, X announced plans to temporarily remove the content while pursuing legal action against what it calls the government’s “unlawful and dangerous approach” to Australia social media law.

This incident has prompted the Australian government to reevaluate its social media governance, signaling a potential overhaul of the Online Safety Act to strengthen enforcement capabilities. These changes could include legally binding voluntary industry standards and fines on platforms that fail to adhere to them.

The issue has also highlighted the broader challenges social media platforms face regarding misinformation. In a related incident, a Sydney man was mistakenly identified as an attacker in a separate event, intensifying scrutiny on how platforms manage and disseminate user-generated content.

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton expressed a bipartisan desire to hold social media companies accountable under Australian law, emphasizing the importance of applying local laws to content shown within the country. “Australian law should apply equally in the real world as it does online,” Dutton stated during an ABC interview.

Amid these developments, politicians like Emergency Management Minister Murray Watt have criticized Musk’s attitude towards regulatory compliance. Watt accused Musk of neglecting public safety and civic responsibility, stating, “The public has had a gutful of these narcissistic billionaires who think they are above the law.”

As the debate continues, the Australian government is poised to introduce reworked legislation that could impose stricter controls on social media platforms. This would ensure they act responsibly within the regulatory framework designed to protect public safety and prevent misinformation.

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