Pro-Israel Influencers Find Support From Barzel Media After Being Canceled By Brands, Fans


Barzel Media

In what’s considered a brave move in Israel news and within the influencer marketing niche, Barzel Media has stepped up as a pioneering agency dedicated to supporting social media personalities who have faced backlash for their pro-Israel views. Brian Spivak founded the agency following the financial and professional challenges many influencers, known collectively as pro-Israel influencers, encountered after the Oct. 7 attacks.

Barzel Media, which takes its name from the Hebrew word for ‘iron,’ aims to provide a platform for influencers whose mainstream brands have dropped due to their political stances regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict.

This initiative is a testament to the resilience of these influencers who, despite facing brand severances that left them without a source of income and, for some, a dim future in the industry, are determined to continue their advocacy even amidst the Israel-Hamas war.

The agency offers these influencers and even pro-Israel celebrities a new beginning and ensures alignment with brands that share their ideological perspectives, particularly Jewish and Israeli-owned companies. This strategic alignment not only fosters a supportive environment but also reassures these influencers that they can freely express their support for Israel without jeopardizing their careers.

Spivak, the CEO of Barzel Media, explained his motivation, saying, “After volunteering with the Hostage Families Forum in Tel Aviv, I encountered numerous creators whose professional contracts were terminated due to their vocal support for Israel. This compelled me to establish Barzel Media to guarantee that influencers advocating for Israel have the backing needed to thrive.”

Bianca Jade, a former television host and influencer, is among those on the pro-Israel celebrity list who have benefited from Barzel Media’s support. After expressing her support for Israel, Jade experienced significant professional setbacks, including losing a major brand deal. She shared, “When I stood up for the victims of the October 7th attacks, I was abruptly dropped by my sponsors, losing all my income despite my previous success with these brands.”

Barzel Media plays a crucial role in rebuilding the careers of these influencers, demonstrating its commitment to championing the cause of free speech within the digital influence. By connecting influencers with compatible brands, the agency ensures a stable environment where these individuals can continue to advocate for their beliefs, instilling hope for a brighter future in their professional fields.

As the digital space continues to evolve, Barzel Media sets a precedent for how agencies can support influencers in navigating the complex interplay of politics and professional stability. The agency is currently open to partnerships with brands and influencers who align with its mission, promising opportunities for those who have been marginalized in their professional fields due to their political views.

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