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Elisabeth Wheatley: YouTube’s Creator on The Rise

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From books to vlogs, Elisabeth Wheatley shows she is a force to be reckoned with. The high fantasy and epic romance author treads new waters as she enters the world of YouTube, landing on the platform’s trending Creator On The Rise spot this week.

Many influencers today ventured into authoring books after becoming prominent internet stars. Elisabeth, on the other hand, penned books before filming vlogs. So, she established her name as an author before publishing social media content.

Although Elisabeth’s YouTube channel is over three years old already, she is only starting to gain recognition this year.

Elisabeth Wheatley As Author

Growing up, Elisabeth was compelled by her cousin to watch the first release of The Chronicles of Narnia film series The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, igniting her passion for reading books, writing fanfictions, and, eventually, authoring her very own Argetallam Saga.

She published her first book, The Key of Amatahns, on 30 June 2011, when she was only 15. However, it was also the time she first experienced her mental health issues (which lasted until college).

Her book characters’ curses, Amira and Daindreth in Daindreth’s Assassin, are reflections of what she went through with her post-traumatic stress disorder illness or PTSD. The author was diagnosed with PTSD when her younger sister, Abigail, passed away in 2000. With the help of her therapist, Elisabeth conquered her illness, finished her studies, and landed a scholarship at Concordia University Texas.

The primary settings of her books and stories are inspired by central Texas and the Pacific Northwest forests, where she jogs and hikes and imagines leading a battle charge.

Elisabeth Wheatley now lives happily ever after with her husband Christian, who she claims to be the zenith and culmination of all her book boyfriends in breathing, human form.

Elisabeth Wheatley As Creator

The author joined YouTube on 8 March 2017, with 802 videos, over 26 million views, and 67K subscribers as of this writing.

In the early years of her stint as a YouTube creator, Elisabeth Wheatley often posted audio versions of her novellas and series, as well as other informative videos like the Top Five Fantasy Romance Books for Fall and Five Things Bookworms Collect Besides Books.

Just recently, Elisabeth started uploading viral YouTube shorts and other video content. She posts different content types, from discussing why women in Historical Romance couldn’t get jobs to going over other fiction books and showcasing her books.

Elisabeth has so much potential in her niche; a relatively huge audience has already seen and appreciated this potential. We can see why YouTube has dubbed Elisabeth their Rising Creator today, and it is safe to say that she deserves it.

Book enthusiasts on social media are thrilled to read her books and see what she has to offer as a book influencer or content creator. Her YouTube audience, mostly book and writing enthusiasts, frequently engages in some of her latest content, indicating her potential to become a YouTube superstar in the writing and book niche.

Elisabeth Wheatley has achieved what many couldn’t at such a young age, and there’s no doubt she could someday become among YouTube’s most prominent creators.

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